Great care has been taken to ensure SADI4U software stability, but external factors, over which we have no control, may influence the operation of the program.

Some matters beyond our control:

Never switch off your computer without shutting it down properly. If the tables are open, it is possible that those tables could become corrupted. It can be corrected, but we will have to do it, and at an extra hourly rate. For this reason, please ensure that you use an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), which allows you about 10 minutes to shut down the computer in the event of a power failure. A UPS also prevents other issues, unrelated to our software, on your computer. If there is a demand for these we could negotiate for proper prices on UPS’s with certain Suppliers. Please indicate the requirements on our forums.

Use antivirus and malware software (at least freeware versions) to prevent viruses and spyware, that corrupt and slow down your computer.

Use software (at least freeware versions) that removes temporary files from your computer and defrags hard drives, to ensure optimisation of your system.

You might benefit from having a technician ensuring that only the necessary start-up procedures are used to optimise computer functionality.

We do not allow any of our products to be used without support, as it can create impressions of incompetency and poor services. As you are well aware, SADI4U intends to save our users money. The support system has been structured such that we believe it to be affordable to all concerned.


Free Support

Once you have registered your software package, you are automatically registered on our website.


Forums are available on the website, allowing members to discuss software issues and assist each other, which will be immensely helpful to understand small problems or enquiries, and user requirements will also emerge. This interaction will introduce you to other businesspeople and it can be exceptionally good for networking purposes.

We will also endeavour to participate in these forums and supply the correct answer.

Currently, we offer limited subjects, but we tried to start with the most important information, and more subjects will be added according to your requirements.

Questions and answers, with proper search facilities, will be compiled from the discussions on the forums and added to the Free Support section.


Paid support.

Should the above not be sufficient for your specific needs, we have added additional support packages to keep your expenses as low as possible.

The cost of the different support levels will be reflected on our price lists, displayed under the Register tab of SADI4U software. Registering for support there, will immediately enable you to utilise it, but payment of the relevant amount must be reflected in our bank account within 24 hours.


First Line Support (Available at a monthly rate)

We prefer not to use email, since it is becoming increasingly unreliable. Instead, you will have the facility to register your enquiry on database, either on the website or on the SADI4U program. Please do not confuse the Contact function on the webpage for this function.

As we will not tolerate and poor service from our side or any false information on Social media, we also need to collect all relevant data to ensure that customers queries are attend to and resolved to adequately according to the specifications of our product and service agreements.

We will respond to this in any possible way and discuss possibilities with you on the forums.


Telephone Support (Available at a monthly rate)

A customer service hotline will be made available for additional urgent support. Any support issue must, however, first be logged onto the Report function to keep track of all support queries, for management to monitor that our customers receive the best service at all times.


Urgent Support (Available at an hourly rate)

In the unlikely event that you encounter technical problems with our software, such support will be dealt with on the merit of the problem and we might have to connect with your PC with software such as AnyDesk.

This support will only relate to SADI4U software problems, and no other technical issues.

There should not be a great demand for such support, therefore an hourly rate will be charged, depending on the circumstances that lead to the problem.

Only users subscribed to First Line Support (2.1 above) will be able to use this level of support and the problem must have been registered in the Report function provided, as explained above.

Please note that software support is only part of the solutions offered. We strive to provide support on many aspects of business practices in an effort to assist our Users/Members to be successful and build the economy together.