These subscriptions contain all the benefits available in a Visual Studio subscription including the Visual Studio IDE, Azure DevOps and Azure DevOps Server as well as all of the other services, tools, software and downloads, and training and support benefits. Read more about monthly Visual Studio Subscriptions billing. If none of these simple solutions solves the issue, contact support to determine if you are in fact an admin on an agreement. You can research the options and prices on Confirm and finish your purchase. Developer Community for Visual Studio Product family. Outside of the month of purchase, it is no longer possible to increase the number of subscriptions. You can also search and download previous versions from the downloads page in the subscriptions portal. There is no cost to use these credits. If you'd like to add any notes associated with the assignment, please use the Reference selection. If you have more than one subscription, the downloads for the highest level subscription are visible from within all of your subscriptions. GitHub Enterprise is managed by a GitHub administrator, separately from Visual Studio subscriptions. Check out the subscription benefits page for more help deciding which subscription is right for you. What is the Visual Studio with GitHub Enterprise setup process? You'll need to be a contributor or higher for an Azure subscription that was created for your EA subscription to purchase cloud subscriptions. Visual Studio subscriptions is a comprehensive set of resources for you to create, deploy, and manage great applications on your preferred platforms and devices, including Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux. In some cases, a single key can be used multiple times. When you cancel a Visual Studio cloud subscription, you are canceling automatic renewal. Visual Studio Test Professional Each of these subscriptions offers the option to make an initial purchase or to renew an existing subscription. Note: your subscribers will receive an email when the new subscription is assigned to them. You can obtain product keys in two places: For more information about obtaining and using product keys, please see these articles: To have access to your product keys after your subscription expires, you need to export your claimed keys before the subscription expires. This includes the GitHub Enterprise benefit. For more information, check out Click the  Add tab at the top of the page. Select Add and type the name and email address of the user you'd like to assign a subscription to. The file will contain any keys you've claimed, as well as any 'static' keys that are automatically claimed for you. Depending on your location, support may be available via email, chat, or phone. This makes it easy to get the downloads you want without switching between subscriptions. Information about your subscription is available in the Subscriber Portal. If you don’t have an Azure subscription yet—it’s free to set up and you can do this while you make your first purchase. For complete information about the differences between MSAs and work accounts, see 'Learn about the differences in using MSAs (Microsoft Accounts) vs. Work Accounts (Azure Active Directory or Microsoft 365) and how this may impact your organization'. If you currently have a retail subscription, there are two ways to renew: Note: You must renew your subscription within 30 days of the expiry to qualify for renewal pricing. We currently use an end date of 20+ years in the future for each order under your SLP. 10/22/2020; 6 minutes to read; In this article. Establishing this GitHub Enterprise account may take some time. I'm a new administrator. Are there any other limitations I should be aware of? Ensure names do not contain extra spaces between two-part first or last names (for example, if a person has a two-part first name such as 'Maggie May', it should be typed as 'MaggieMay'). Billing is handled through your Microsoft Azure subscription. Check if you’re signed in with the correct email address and tenant in the upper right-hand corner of the portal page header. Get help from our community supported forum The Visual Studio subscriptions portal brings together all your Visual Studio subscriptions and programs in a single improved portal experience. Microsoft software for dev/test, technical training, support, Azure credits and dev/test pricing for you to create great apps. Using the email their subscription is assigned to, they’ll be able to immediately sign into the IDE after installation; no product key is required. Check out this list of the downloads available by subscription level. You can sign up before your first purchase or during your first purchase in the Visual Studio Marketplace. They’ll be redirected to the Download Results page for Visual Studio to download the IDE. It’s available at the click of a button for many projects, app types, and languages. After subscribers receive this email, they can reach out to their GitHub organization administrator to receive an invitation to the appropriate organization. How do my developers activate software using product keys from their Visual Studio subscription? For example, many of our benefits are provided by partners and the processes for setting up accounts, installing software, and using online resources vary widely. A: Annual subscriptions that are purchased during a given month are charged immediately for a full year and are valid for a full year. To remove, simply select the person you would like to remove and select Delete. You can assign subscriptions to your end users one at a time, or using the Bulk add feature to quickly and easily upload a larger number of subscribers at a time. For a refund you will need to contact the Azure billing team. Using the email your subscription is assigned to, you’ll be able to immediately sign into the IDE after installation, Integrate your data and services using serverless backend, Products otherwise sold separately from Azure (for example, Azure Active Directory Premium). Compare subscription benefits and pricing to understand the benefits of each Visual Studio subscription. Find a reseller in your area. You will need to open the file with an application capable of handling .xml files. drive code maintainability and fix errors, warnings, and suggestions with one-click code clean-up and new refactoring capabilities. How do my end users activate their Visual Studio Subscription? Cloud subscriptions are managed by administrators who are assigned to the Azure subscription used to purchase the cloud subscriptions. If you cancel at any time between then and February 1, 2020 then the subscription will expire on February 1, 2020. New customers will need to decide whether they want to purchase Visual Studio Monthly subscriptions or go to another channel such as volume licensing to purchase Visual Studio Subscriptions. They are included in your Visual Studio subscription. To access a subscription, you should sign in with the email address to which the subscription is assigned. Complete the Communication Preferences section so that we know what language to send your subscribers assignment email in. My organization has multiple Visual Studio subscribers. Retail: For subscriptions acquired through the Microsoft Store, connect to the Microsoft Store's business software section, and scroll down to the Visual Studio section to see the available subscriptions.