An untitled Nickelodeon series based on Garfield is currently in production. Garfield creator Jim Davis will continue to produce the syndicated comic strip as he has done since the lazy feline first hit newspapers in 1978. Davis will continue drawing the comic strip that he created back in 1978; Garfield is the most widely syndicated strip in the world. In addition to the new animated series – the first since The Garfield Show aired on Cartoon Network in the U.S. in 2009 – Viacom will manage the global merchandising rights to the property. | Cookie Settings. Along with the TV series at Nickelodeon, Viacom Nickelodeon Consumer Products will manage global merchandising, including existing licensees. Break out the lasagna: Nickelodeon is getting into the Garfield business. 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Do Not Sell My Personal Information All Rights reserved. Related Story Cinema has always moved him in a big way and aside from having seen The Talented Mr Ripley more times than any other living person, he maintains a pretty darn healthy physical media collection. He is a lazy, overweight, cynical orange cat who lives with his nerdy owner Jon Arbuckle and his dim-witted dog Odie. Mike Jones is an author, screenwriter, world traveller and cinephile. Unveils 57th Anniv Opening Titles/Credits, Superman, Superwoman And Moon Immigrants In DC's Future State, Marvel Officially Cancel Dark Agnes, Daily Bugle, Morbius MIA No More, Batwoman Stunt Vid: Javicia Leslie Leaps Nicole Kang in a Single Bound, Azelf Raid Guide For Pokémon GO Players: Lake Legends, The Boys: Jensen Ackles on What Dean, Soldier Boy Have in Common, Interview: G4 Reunion With Kevin Pereira & Adam Sessler. Viacom Inc. today announced that they have purchased Paws, Inc., the multimedia empire of cartoonist Jim Davis, along with the rights to his most famous creation, Garfield, along with the less popular U.S. Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties (first aired 11/19/2015; Nick at Nite) Garfield: The Movie (first aired 7/7/2016; Nick at Nite/Nickelodeon) Social Media AdChoices | Viacom has scored a big, fat hairy deal to acquire the rights to classic cartoon Garfield. We want to hear from you! The Witcher: Did Cahir Know Ciri Was A Doppler In Season 1 (& Try To Hurt Her). They know how to entertain and will be great stewards for the franchise. Nickelodeon already plans to develop a new Garfield animated show, while Viacom Nickelodeon Consumer Products will monetize the franchise through merchandising. The comic-strip cat is the latest franchise to make a home on the kid-focused network. Often jet-lagged, Mike once turned down a certain A-list celebrity’s offer to join them for a night of partying after a strange encounter in an airport. Terms of Use | The aforementioned movies impressed few, and if Nickelodeon intends to create anything less than a comedic series that can be enjoyed by fans of all ages (not just children), then the new Garfield TV series might not end up being what longtime fans are looking for. Rick Porter. Acres franchises, both of which are the brainchild of Davis. And When? Said … Beloved lasagna eating cartoon cat Garfield is on his way to TV screens again, as Viacom acquires the rights for a new Nickelodeon series. Copyright © 2020 Penske Business Media, LLC. August 06, 2019 With fans around the globe that span both kids and adults, we are excited to ignite Garfield into a multi-generational consumer products juggernaut and further deliver on VNCP's 'Every Age, Every Aisle' mission. An animated Star Trek series for kids is also in the works, and the company recently revived its sketch-comedy series All That as media conglomerates' quest to capitalize on well-known IP extends to consumers of all ages. "Great content is core to the strength of our brands, and Garfield is a beloved character that continues to be part of the cultural zeitgeist with universal resonance across all ages," said Viacom Media Networks COO Sarah Levy. Privacy Policy | It took place on a farm and had nothing whatsoever to do with Garfield (although there were occasional crossovers and cameos). "This acquisition marks another step in our evolution toward being kids’ first stop for the best new content and characters, so we’re incredibly happy to have Garfield join our growing roster of globally loved franchises and to introduce this cool cat to a new generation of fans," Nickelodeon president Brian Robbins said Tuesday in a statement. Sadly, that prophecy was wrong. What is known is that the new series will specifically star John, Garfield and Odie. Once acquired, children’s network Nickelodeon will begin work on a brand new Garfield TV series – the likes of which will not affect the production of Davis’ weekly comic strip, which will continue to run as before. The Walking Dead: World Beyond Teasing Rick Grimes for Season Finale? [1] Garfield is the titular protagonist of the newspaper comic strip Garfield, created by Jim Davis, and the various media spun off from it. Oh, Jude Terror was right. California Privacy Rights | At any rate, with both a new film and a TV series on their way, there’s always hope that the lasagna gorging cat and his pals will be set to impress. I’m delighted that. Said Davis, "I've always tried to make people laugh with humor that is classic and appealing to both kids and adults.