Smaller nymphs and dry flies are working well here. Midges fished right on the bottom have been the ticket and the fish have been biting all day long. Look for some good dry fly caddis action in the evenings. will give you opportunities to catch trophy rainbows and browns while being guided by expert fly fishing pros. It has been a long wait to announce this, but we are officially back open for business. Damselflies are now very prevalent in the north arm of the lake and the weeds are establishing themselves in 17′ of water. Awesome fishing! Flows are running higher now at around just over 100 cfs, so you will have to pick and choose your fishing locations to locate the fish. Scott fished with Jerry Gilpin for this butterball brown trout. The mud starts out as frozen and solid while driving in during the morning, but tends to soften up and get very gooey by the afternoons. © Copyright Sierra Drifters 2020 - All Rights Reserved. We are still sticking to throwing streamers with sink tip fly lines from our drift boats to get at the nicer sized fish in the river. The lake has begun to rise as we start to get a little more water entering from the Owens River and as flows get reduced from the Pleasant Valley Reservoir outflow. Most of the fish are pooled up in the deeper holes, but you will find a … Flows have been perfect here this spring. The fishing has still remained consistent on most days, with a few off days when the weather starts to kick up now and then. Our Guide was Doug Dolans, AKA, Two Bug Doug. Flows have come up … Doug called me within 10 minutes and was able to juggle his guides to accommodate a... read more. I have received a lot of phone calls, texts, and emails over the past few months with questions on what will be open and when. The general trout season has now officially ended, and our year around waters are now being fished with great success. Awesome fishing! The lake level is high once again, so most fish have been found in 20′ of water or greater. Running egg patterns through the deeper runs that are holding larger amounts of trout are getting fish. You get excellent fishing due to zero fishing pressure and zero limits (no fish taken out of the lake in May). The wind has been kicking up in the afternoons, but finding the lee sides of the shoreline can keep you on the fish. The drift boat fishing on the Lower Owens River has also been coming to life. The East Walker River continues to remain at its winter flows of 20 cfs, so it is very low for fishing. He texted me within about 40 minutes... Epic day of fishing with my Dad and Han's as our guide! Best Flies: Stimulator – 12, 14, 16; Crystal Copper Tiger Midge – 16,18; B100FB – 14, 16, 18, 20; Spruce a bu dark and light; Loeberg Mallard Silver; Loeberg Guinea Silver, Crystal Midge Pupa Black – 18; Crystal Chironomid Emerger Copper – 16, 18; Broken Back Copper Tiger Midge – 14,16,18, Tangerine Opaque, Tangerine Red Flash, Kiwi Flash and Flamingo Otter Eggs. Once the flows lower again you will have the best luck in the deepest pools and runs. Crowley Lake opened last weekend, and it has been GOOD! The flows are at 85 cfs on the river and the Wild Trout Section has also been fishing well with small nymphs and dry/dropper combos. There is an abundance of juvenile perch that have been flushed from the lake and the large fish are noticing them. Fishing has been nothing short of excellent in most areas. Our guide; Doug provided excellent instruction to a first timer who I dragged... We had a fantastic day of fishing on Lake Crowley with Seth as our guide. Doug called me within 10 minutes and was able to juggle his guides to accommodate a... My husband, cousin, and I hired Doug (guide) to take us out on Crawley and we were Killin it!!! Keith Mccann fished with Doug Dolan and landed this awesome spring rainbow trout. He was an expert in... Just got back from a great day fishing Crowley with guide Devin. You will see some October Caddis flying around throughout the day, but no major hatches of them. We finished strong on Crowley Lake this season, and even got some shots in at the late season browns in the Whiskey Bay area from shore. Alyssa fished with Doug Rodricks and scored this brightly colored brown trout. We booked two days with Doug fishing in mid November. It’s good here up and down the river. Went out to Lake Crowley twice a few weeks ago. Lower Owens River/Wild Trout Section (Bishop Area). He knew just where to position us to catch a lot of fish! Always very, very kind. Fish Are Aggressive and We Have Had Some Excellent Days Catching Them, Flows Have Remained Very Fishable For This Time of Year. Eastern Sierra Fishing Guide for Crowley Lake, Grant & Silver Lakes, the San Joaquin, Upper and Middle Owens Rivers, East Walker River, McGee Creek, Pleasant Valley Reservoir, Hot Creek, & the Gorge located near Mammoth and Bishop Ca. As long as your drift is somewhat decent, you will get into fish. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Sierra Drifters . Well accommodating. Most nymphs are working this time of year, as they are not very picky. Predicting how the smoke will be on a given day is like trying to predict an earthquake. As the water chills, the fish will seek out the slower areas where they can exert minimal amounts of energy and take advantage of the adult aquatic insects in these areas. Meigan fished with Doug Rodricks for this monster rainbow trout. Drew was guided by Hans for this nice brown trout with his dad John assisting. And another giant rainbow trout for Matt. © 2020. The bite can be great here any time of day so no need to get here early. 6-8-2020 Click here if you would like to be guided from our center console boats to get a shot at some of these fall beauties. These fish will return to their normal feeding behavior this week as some warm weather is in the forecast. Access is now open to both areas. The creek fire which is responsible for most of the smoke in the Mammoth Area is now over 60% contained. Brother and I always wanted to use a guide service to fly fish for trout in the Mammoth area. The rainbows on the other hand are on the chew with a vengeance. We have been approved by Mono County to resume professional guiding services once again. The cutthroat spawn is pretty much coming to an end with a few fish still left in the river. The lack of snow this year has made access very easy for the most part. Most of the fish are pooled up in the deeper holes, but you will find a handful of trout sitting in the shallower riffle sections. He was an expert in... Just got back from a great day fishing Crowley with guide Devin. Response time is great as they are very busy. Weather has been exceptionally mild for most days with warm sunny days and good insect hatches. Smaller nymphs this time of year are a good call to get down in the deeper holes where the wild fish are holding. What do you get when you have a fishing opener that is delayed by over 1 month? The Lower Owens River flows have dropped even more which is good news for wading on the Wild Trout Section and around the Five Bridges area. Lake fishing, creek fishing, in season or off season, beginner or experienced , we've always got fish with Sierra Drifters. Website. Midges and Light Assassins have been accounting for most of our catches and some real standout fish with beautiful fall colors are now showing. We had Devin and Hans as our guides and they were simply amazing!!! Dane got a monster rainbow trout while fishing with Hans too. Look for lots of surface activity now on tiny midges and mayflies. Decided to take a trip on short notice and emailed Sierra Drifters. Went out to Lake Crowley twice a few weeks ago. He knew just where to position us to catch a lot of fish! Look for bigger fish to take advantage of the flow increase and move around from their deeper pools to feed. Jennifer Tippitt show off a stunning brown trout! You can still get at some really nice fish this time of year. We don’t know what we are going to get until we wake up in the morning and look outside. Rest assured that all of our equipment and high touch surfaces are sanitized and disinfected between trips to ensure a clean fishing environment for all. by Doug Rodricks by Doug Rodricks 6-8-2020 (760) 935-4250 Website. © Copyright Sierra Drifters 2020 - All Rights Reserved. These fish are very aggressive and we have been having some excellent days down here catching them. Kirk fished with Jerry Gilpin and shows off a quality rainbow trout. Those who were lucky enough to get on the water for opening weekend, were rewarded with some great fishing. We appreciate the patience from our customers during our down time and we thank you for the support you showed us with gift certificate and fly purchases. Hot Creek has also been producing well throughout the day in both the canyon section and the Interpretive Site.