Special watercolour fixatives finally ensure that the watercolours are not only protected but also retain their colour strength and brilliance. The German based paint makers Schmincke make beautiful paints across all mediums - from oil to acrylic to watercolour and gouache. Company Reg No. Schmincke use Kordofan Gum Arabic from the Southern Sahara region as the binding medium which they say differs from year to year, depending on the crop - like good wine! Many are sponsored into doing so although I think the majority wouldn't recommend inferior products. One persons attempt to become a good artist painting in watercolour, experiences along the way and discussion of all things connected with it. Here are this months batch which I've again tried to make as varied as possible. Their motto is "I strive for the best" and they are still owned by the Schmincke and Horadam families, now into the fourth generation. Three years ago I squeezed them all out into a john pike palette and then forgot about them. Information on transparency, and lightfastness is clearly stated and looking at the Schmincke ratings they seem to me to be pretty realistic and they also add that ...` no watercolour should be exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged time due to the usually fine and thin and thereby light sensitive colour application'.... Pigment information is also most useful. Schmincke are the leading German manufacturer of watercolour paints, which they have been making since 1881. I like them very much. Good luck with the decorating! Ken Bromley Art Supplies: Unit 13 Lodge Bank Estate, Crown Lane, Horwich, Bolton BL6 5HY, United Kingdom Thanks for that. Lightfastness is a rating of how much a particular paint will fade or discolor over time when exposed to light. 110 colours, 66 are single pigment colours. Schmincke Watercolour Paints Schmincke are the leading German manufacturer of watercolour paints, which they have been making since 1881. This seems to be a change of tack from him and perhaps is due to his increased use of W&N colours over his previously stated preference for Holbein paints which he always said "wet-up nicely"). A variety of sets from 10 to 400 pastel sticks. Watercolor paints are rated using the ASTM scale (American Standard Test Measure) which ranges from “excellent” to “very poor”. If paint is allowed to get really dry some brands will crack and not re wet easily. Details later. The new special edition of Schmincke super-granulating watercolours is part of the Horadam professional range. L... EDWARD WESSON 1910 - 1983 By John Softly. Do you have any thought on this Peter? Hi Peter,An interesting read on this brand of paint. Moonglow, that you mentioned, contains ultramarine, viridian and a crimson- anthraquinoid red. It does though make me wonder if something has changed over time to make them more prone to the cracking and drying that I have experienced.Many thanks again for all your efforts and hard work in creating and maintaining this extremely interesting forum. Available in sets of 8, 12, 24, 36, 48 and 50. They do dry up and some colours start to crack. For now I'll have to put my colour-lab experiments on hold. How to enable cookies on The literature is certainly second to none. Contrast that with Winsor & Newton, sold to a Swedish company, who have now sold them to a German company and recently moved manufacture of the paints to France! I've added a blog post about the new colours and also the full range (showing the discontinued colours too) which people may find helpful. Only three colours are given no ratings, Brilliant purple, Brilliant red violet and Brilliant blue violet. View our previous newsletters. Read our watercolour hints & tips What colour! Many of the new artists' pigments have been researched and tested to comply with the highest quality standard regarding stability, fineness, resolubility and lightfastness. France after all has a great tradition in producing quality art materials and they can certainly follow a recipe (my wife is French). I read somewhere online that W&N deliberately formulate their tube colours differently to their pans intending them to be used fresh out of the tubes each time (a practice that I note from one of your recent blogs that Charles Reid is now advocating. Their 'Purple Magenta' is the best PV122 quinacridone magenta I have found. After all, why do I need a John Hurtley or Craig Young Roberson if I'm going to squirt out small dabs of colour each time? W&N's relocation of paint manufacture from the UK to France does not necessarily mean that the paints themselves will change. Most Daniel Smith colours are just the name of the pigment, which is great. This illustrates once again that you should buy paints by pigments not colours. Overall not a particularly flattering review although he raves about the `marvellous colour brochure' and picks out Translucent Orange as `unique'. The results were absolutely wonderful) Thanks for the advice on checking pigments Peter. What of the range? I've got a week of painting ahead but, unfortunately, it's the upstairs bedroom that needs it's long overdue new lick of paint :) Better get down to it...Cheers,Kevin. 48 colours available in 15 ml and 1 colour available in 60 ml, Available in a variety of colours and sizes. This Schmincke Pouring Medium is a fluid acrylic-medium that is especially good for producing cell-like effects. I've tried to mix them up even more this month. Receive new product releases and brand promotions, plus material reviews, tips and techniques, and artist interviews. Best Color Variety: Daniel Smith Watercolor Tubes. I think Schmincke are very acceptable overall. They also state Oxgall is useful but only if carefully integrated. Here are the latest batch for October. I also spray my paints each time I use them. Schmincke Horadam Artists Watercolour Paints are finest quality watercolours for professional painting and colour mixing. I tend to think that you need to keep the paint moist by spraying, even during periods of inactivity. Internet Explorer, Cobalt Blue Deep (PB74) and Cobalt Blue light (PB28) are the correct pigments. into a prize draw to win 5000 reward points - equivalent to £50 to spend on the website! I know my Index system is a little clumsy but not being a technical 'geek' it's the best I can do. The orange is a favourite. Chrome, Here are the latest batch, a very varied collection, which hopefully has something for everybody.