Example: Accédez à la traduction en contexte du verbe burn et à sa définition. one per day, direct to your inbox. Other languages. Active: Present Stem + -rePres.laud-rehab-redce-recape-reaud-re Passive: Present Stem + -(r)Pres.laud-rhab-rdc-cap-aud-r directly cost us money and so are disabled for ad block users. born (plural borns) (Tyneside) Alternative spelling of burn (a stream) References . This is an indication that the infinitive acts as a noun in this example. to burn . | do not burn | female gender | contractionModal : no | may | might | can | could | shall | should | will | would | must | ought to, I burnyou burnhe burnswe burnyou burnthey burn, I am burningyou are burninghe is burningwe are burningyou are burningthey are burning, I burnedyou burnedhe burnedwe burnedyou burnedthey burned, I was burningyou were burninghe was burningwe were burningyou were burningthey were burning, I have burnedyou have burnedhe has burnedwe have burnedyou have burnedthey have burned, I have been burningyou have been burninghe has been burningwe have been burningyou have been burningthey have been burning, I had burnedyou had burnedhe had burnedwe had burnedyou had burnedthey had burned, I had been burningyou had been burninghe had been burningwe had been burningyou had been burningthey had been burning, I will burnyou will burnhe will burnwe will burnyou will burnthey will burn, I will be burningyou will be burninghe will be burningwe will be burningyou will be burningthey will be burning, I will have burnedyou will have burnedhe will have burnedwe will have burnedyou will have burnedthey will have burned, I will have been burningyou will have been burninghe will have been burningwe will have been burningyou will have been burningthey will have been burning, I would burnyou would burnhe would burnwe would burnyou would burnthey would burn, I would be burningyou would be burninghe would be burningwe would be burningyou would be burningthey would be burning, I would have burnedyou would have burnedhe would have burnedwe would have burnedyou would have burnedthey would have burned, I would have been burningyou would have been burninghe would have been burningwe would have been burningyou would have been burningthey would have been burning, advance - apologize - audition - author - be - benefit - bet - brush - butt - can - cling - compute - convince - correct - crawl - do - down - eat - encompass - evacuate - fleer - free - get - give - have - heart - index - know - omit - play - plot - point - reconcile - seek - set - take - talk - tell - wash - watch - write. In English, an infinitive verb is expressed using the word "to" before the verb (e.g. burning. More specifically, it's the present active infinitive, which is translated into English as "to" plus whatever the verb means. Dialectal variant of burn. 'Burned' is more common in the US, 'burnt' is more common in the UK. Alternatively you can become a supporter and remove the ads completely. When you look up a Latin verb in a Latin-English dictionary, you will see four entries (principal parts) for most verbs.The second entry—usually abbreviated "-are," "-ere," or "-ire"—is the infinitive. to burn with passion. An adjective is a word that describes more information about a noun. 1. Forms - Tense. Learn the 20 most important irregular verbs. An infinitive is the part of a verb which is unaffected by person or number. For example: ‘to call’. have, be, Andere Formen: Positive Negative. A list of irregular verbs is present on the site. From gamos; to wed. than ἢ (ē) Conjunction Strong's Greek 2228: Or, than. Infinitive: to burn Gerund: burning Past participle: burned / burnt Simple past: burned / burnt. Past. The Conjugator is also available offline on computer, tablet and smartphone. This is a reference page for burn-beat verb forms in present, past and participle tenses. The infinitive mood is a form of the verb. Certain features such as audio, burn oneself/not burn. Latin Infinitive Basics . A primary particle of distinction between two connected terms; disjunctive, or; comparative, than.