Gold Supporters see zero ads! Yeah Ill probably go Mighty Mite.   You cannot paste images directly. The weight difference isn't worth talking about.   Pasted as rich text. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. I like 80s Mighty Mite a lot - the new stuff is alright. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Any of you strat builders have any experience iwth any of these necks It seems like warmoth … © 1995-2019 Harmony Central, Inc. All rights reserved. MM doesn't tell you how thick their necks are: they offer a standard profile and a "V" profile, but I have no way of knowing whether either is chunky enough for me because they don't give me that information. You get what you pay for.   Your previous content has been restored. I can't justify spending twice as much for a chunk of wood, unless someone convinces me otherwise. I know Warmoth is made in USA but are there significant differences in the overall quality? Upload or insert images from URL. This one needed some fret cleanup/leveling/polish stuff, and i had to work on the nutslots a bit to get it just right. On the same are Might Mite bodies? I find that useful to take some of the guesswork out of getting a decent one. gives it a finished-sheen, slight shield from the elements, but still feels raw. Ordered two Tele necks spec'd out the same; or as close as the options would allow. Wah! both make good necks, but with warmoth for a little extra money you will get a good one every time, while with MM and Allparts there are occasional dogs. The only thing I will say is that the neck has a very 'raw' feeling to it. For instance, I'm looking for a replacement neck, but I need it fat.   Your link has been automatically embedded.   Your link has been automatically embedded. But, I've used Warmoth products on several subsequent builds precisely because they offer options that you can't get from many other neck makers. We already have everything except the neck. Can you just leave it raw, or would that affect playability or longevity? The satin finish on it is thin and can easily be removed! Im starting a prodject with my nephew, we are building a strat for him. I know Warmoth has SS frets. It is a very thin, fast-wearing finish. I've only priced Warmoth necks, but I've never seen one for less than $200. By Warmoth Pro has the heel adjustment on the treble side (very convenient). But, for the price, it's decent stuff. I have a Warmoth neck on one of my strats and I'd say it's 1st class. warmoth doesnt do fretwork, but their craftsmanship usually makes it so you dont need fretwork, i think i could say that about both companies honestly. Anyone have any first hand experience with this. MM has a few variations, but you're still getting a standard part, not a custom one. I bought my body from Warmoth but bought the neck from GFS and couldn't be happier. Wah! I have also had good luck with the Mighty Mite necks. The Mighty Mites will most likely need a bit more work than the Warmoth to get 100% nice though. The neck I got from MM was exactly like the neck on my Fender US Deluxe Strat. × There's little to no finish on it and it needed some fret tweaking to make it nice. Yeah I planned on getting an unfinished one. $50 if anybody wants it w/Tuners. In all, pretty minor stuff, IMO, and the price was good enough that it was absolutely worth it for me. I can get a finished MM neck on E-bay for $90 shipped. I've never played a Mighty Mite but there seem to be a bunch of them on e-bay and they run a little less money. × Parts necks - Warmoth vs. Musikraft vs. I actually as much or maybe more than my Warmoth. Sorry, can't resist: Both MM necks I got have a really light, satin finish on them. I am actually about to sell my Mighty Mite neck. I need a maple neck, 12" plus radius, jumbo frets, floyd nut. Action is awesome fit and feel are great. Hows the quality? Most the the mighty mite necks come unfinished. I think the MM neck on it now is great. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. I didn't pay over $125 for either one.   Pasted as rich text. × Im not sure if they Mighty mite necks come finished or not? Whats the difference between these two brands. Paste as plain text instead, × Are Warmoth necks really worth the extra money? Or so they did a few years back from what i remember. If that helps. I have a "synth guitar" and I just ordered a Warmoth neck to replace my mighty mite neck. I got one in the mail for a friend, the frets were nice and shiney and perfectly level. Once upon a time, Mighty Mite was a U.S. company, but I don’t believe that’s been the case for the last two decades, at least. i was lookin on fleabay at maple necks, but I havent ever bought an aftermarket neck. I have bought 3 warmoth strat necks, a std contour, a boat contour and a fatback, and 4 mighty mite necks, a rverse head strat, a CBS strat and 2 maple/rosewood tele necks. © 1995-2019 Harmony Central, Inc. All rights reserved. × I don't even know which one of theirs it was, but it was just the most comfortable neck ever.