I work thinly with soft brushes, though–if you like to incorporate sharp impasto into your work, then Vasari probably isn’t the right paint for you. For us Brits, MH is excellent value and quality to boot and for me Vasari is simply a more expensive option. The quality of the ground pigments and the right amount of oil  means I do not have to add any other medium to the paint to get the buttery consistency I enjoy working with . Vasari is an interesting line and I read their emails regularly, but Vasari is by no means favored over OH, Schmincke or MH. Rather, I look for earths, greys and exclusive pigments. isn’t going to give me much of an idea of who’s paint is better. Archival properties of paint?Color stability? They both seem to have the same philosophy. The finished paintings below are examples of colour palettes that I use when painting the different seasons of the year. Consistency? Vasari’s most interesting colors are mixtures, some of which are on sale now (see their website). Anyone currently in NY due to visit the UK before the sale expires. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from … e.t.c e.t.c. Thanks. Color purity? Summer Colours – The Palette I have used for Boatbuilders Croft, Scarista, Harris. I have fairly extensive collections of both Harding and Vasari paints. Durability of oil paint film? I own a lot of paint from a wide variety of brands, and I have never encountered another paint that handles quite like Vasari’s. Vasari’s colors tend to be stronger tinters, and have a softer, more fluid consistency–but without being oily or runny. I wait until Jacksons have a sale. For example, Cad Red Light – Vasari is £47 and MH is £24. It might be better to compare their oil paints pigment-by-pigment. I’d love to know from people who have had some experience with Vasari how it compares The topic ‘Michael Harding vs Vasari Oil Paint’ is closed to new replies. There are no driers in the paints which is fine as I prefer to add my own although I tend not to add too much as this can lead to problems with drying times when using other mediums such as Linseed Oil, Poppy Oil,  Impasto gels and glazes. Therefore, to answer your original question, they are both very excellent paints in my opinion. For mixing with other colours I use Zinc White which dries over two to three days. I carry an old battered suitcase filled with Michael Harding 40ml & 60ml tubes which are the perfect size for carrying. I use Michael Harding Oil paint because of the vibrant colour range. Bright yellow lake, Aureolin, Indian Yellow, Italian Brown, Yellow Ochre, Naples Yellow, Raw Umber, Kings Blue Light. But why pay luxury prices for mixtures?? Over 30 years ago, painter Michael Harding set out for perfection in a line of handmade oil colors. Cerulean Blue, Kings Blue Light, Kings Blue Deep, Ultramarine, Phthalocyanine Blue Lake, Brilliant Pink, Emerald Green, Terre Verte, Cobalt Turquoise, Cadmium Red Deep, Rose Madder, Viridian. This topic has 7 replies, 5 voices, and was last updated 3 years, 7 months ago by … Replies. When I am painting a winter landscape my favourite colour is Warm White which I use as alternative to Lead White. MH Chinese Vermilion Genuine is a delight (keep it out of direct sun) and Vasari Terra Rosa is gorgeous. This drying time is far quicker than other whites in the range which have Linseed Oil in them which slows drying time. I have listed the main colours that were used in each painting. Even with the low GBP ($1.20 = £1) the whole set is only £146, that is just £18.25 a tube. As others have said, both are excellent paints. but I was wondering if it was superior in any way to Michael Harding Oils? Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Michael Harding's Artist Oli Colours, Introductory Oil Paint Set, Six 40ml Tubes, 00640 at Amazon.com. Like timetobe, I am partial to beautiful earth colors, and in that category, I prize Williamsburg. I use Michael Harding Oil paint because of the vibrant colour range. Thanks. Spring Colours – The palette I have used for Spring Colour in the Glen. Comparing the ‘staple’ pigments such as Cadmium’s, Titanium, etc. If you stock up on colors when they are on sale, they are only a little bit more expensive than Harding. Handling properties? Autumn Colours – The palette I have used for Marvig Lewis, French Yellow Ochre, Naples Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Lemon, Naples Yellow, Cadmium Red Light, Indian Yellow, Alizarin Crimson, Red Umber, Raw Sienna, Burnt Umber, Italian Green Umber, Unbleached Titanium Oxide, Warm White, Winter colours – The palette I have used for Woodcutters Shed and Pines, Winter, Cairngorm. !” - CW Mundy, professional artistWarning - these Professional Oil Paints are highly addictive! Today, Michael Harding Artists Handmade Oil … HOWEVER Michael Harding has some exclusive color gems; my favorite is Lapis. Then they do the whole range usually 25% off. As the colour range is so varied I do not have to often mix different colours on the palette. I now prefer to only use the larger 225ml tubes in the studio. Opacity? Drying time? I haven’t tried Vasari Oil Paint as Im in the uk and it is super expensive – more so that old holland! Something like that: “What is extremely superior in Vasari “Cadmium Red Light” in comparison with any other manufacturer’s made PR108 Cadmiums? Unknown January 26, 2013 at 3:49 PM (transferred … I have never had a bad tube from either MH or Vasari. I can squeeze the paint directly from the tube on to the canvas and get to work. Jul 5, 2016 | Outdoors . I buy paints by color, not by brand name. Transparency? Odor? But thanks for the review of “Michael Harding Oil Paints” , I will put in my basic order to obtain some to try. Why I use Michael Harding Oil Paints. As has been pointed out, when you start comparing MH, Vasari, Old Holland, Blockx (to name a few – and I have all) the difference is hard to detect. Vasari paints are expensive, but they run sales (20% off) on a different color category each month. Awesome, thanks for the responses. I’d love the Vasari grey set that’s on offer right now but the monthly sales don’t apply here in the UK. I’m in the UK also and I’ve been painting for 20+ years. Reply Delete. Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total), This topic has 7 replies, 5 voices, and was last updated. I used to carry a huge array of equipment when working outdoors but now I have it down to a fine art. I find the whites take the longest to dry especially Titanium White 2 so I very sparingly add 1 part paint to 8 part liquin gel or a quick drying Michael Harding medium. Pigment dispersion? ”These Michael Harding paints that I am using are doing exactly what he said they would - they’re changing my life!! This is especially useful when I paint outdoors using large brushes as I can work quickly then add small finishing touches to the painting in the studio. Warm White, Zinc White, Titanium White 2, Naples Yellow, Raw Umber, Italian Green Umber, Unbleached Titanium Oxide, Yellow Lake, Indian Yellow, Naples Yellow, Rose Madder, Cadmium Red Deep, Emerald Green, Transparent Oxide Yellow, Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber, Deep Purple/Dioxazine, Ultramarine Blue, Brilliant Pink.