Unlike most child prodigies, William had multiple abilities and excelled in many different fields. [27] His son, Hermann Christian Wittgenstein—who took the middle name "Christian" to distance himself from his Jewish background—married Fanny Figdor, also Jewish, who converted to Protestantism just before they married, and the couple founded a successful business trading in wool in Leipzig. [40] In an interview, his sister Gretl Stonborough-Wittgenstein says that their grandfather's "strong, severe, partly ascetic Christianity" was a strong influence on all the Wittgenstein children. By 18 months he was reading the New York Times and by 4 he was reading Latin and writing poetry. John Stuart Mill IQ score: 200 Finally in 1922 an agreement was reached with Wittgenstein that Kegan Paul would print a bilingual edition with Russell's introduction and the Ramsey-Ogden translation. "[200], The house was finished by December 1928 and the family gathered there at Christmas to celebrate its completion. [125] Wittgenstein also stated to Russell that he "felt the curse of those who have half a talent". "[202] Despite this fame, he could not initially work at Cambridge as he did not have a degree, so he applied as an advanced undergraduate. Stonborough-Wittgenstein, Gretl. When the house was nearly finished Wittgenstein had an entire ceiling raised 30mm so that the room had the exact proportions he wanted. He wrote in his diaries about having made a major confession to his oldest sister, Hermine, while he was at the Realschule; Monk speculates that it may have been about his loss of faith. Everything from most one-finger push-ups, to longest tattoo. The place was called “Østerrike” (Austria) by locals. [192][193] Madame de Stael IQ score: 180 Napoleon Bonaparte IQ score: 145 Realschule in Linz, a small state school with 300 pupils. [71] In 1912, Wittgenstein wrote to Russell saying that Mozart and Beethoven were the actual sons of God. 130 – 139 = Gifted [127] Monk writes that Wittgenstein lived and breathed logic, and a temporary lack of inspiration plunged him into despair. I told him he wasn't a teacher, he was an animal-trainer! He was a slow learner, and one day Wittgenstein hit him two or three times on the head, causing him to collapse. Now he denied there were any mathematical facts to be discovered. His sister, Margaret, invited him to help with the design of her new townhouse in Vienna's Kundmanngasse. [100], By Hebraic, he meant to include the Christian tradition, in contradistinction to the Greek tradition, holding that good and evil could not be reconciled. Christopher Hirata achieved more by the age of 30 than most fellow academics and geniuses could hope to do in their entire lifetime. Asia Carrera IQ score: 156 [107] Jim Bamber, a British engineer who was his friend and classmate at the time, reported that, when things went wrong, which often occurred, he would throw his arms around, stomp about, and swear volubly in German.[108]. Monk writes that the purpose of these confessions was not. She also gained fame by maintaining a salon for leading intellectuals. Macarthur, David. It was the only time the philosophers, three of the most eminent in the world, were ever in the same room together. [132] He later revealed that, as a teenager in Vienna, he had had an affair with a woman. Madame De Stael IQ score: 180 [136] Suggesting Øystese, Wittgenstein and Pinsent arrived in the small village on 4 September 1913. Jonathan Swift IQ score: 155 [169] Thomas Bernhard, more critically, wrote of this period in Wittgenstein's life: "the multi-millionaire as a village schoolmaster is surely a piece of perversity."[170]. Great post! He was offered a place at the prestigious California Institute of Technology (Caltech) at 14 and he had completed his PhD in Physics from Princeton University at the age of 22. Ramsey shared an evening meal with him of coarse bread, butter, and cocoa. Bill Gates IQ score: 160 His works influenced many intellectuals, such as Moore and Russell; and Schopenhauer and Kierkegaard. Ten years later, in 1936, as part of a series of "confessions" he engaged in that year, Wittgenstein appeared without warning at the village saying he wanted to confess personally and ask for pardon from the children he had hit. These few numbers have long been a symbol of a person’s overall intelligence, whether high or low. [164] Russell said he returned from the war a changed man, one with a deeply mystical and ascetic attitude. It was reported at the time that he had sought advice from the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee, an organization that was campaigning against Paragraph 175 of the German Criminal Code, which prohibited homosexual sex. Now that is all I want: if it should be God's will.[78]. Wittgenstein referred to Augustine of Hippo in his Philosophical Investigations. Finally, his discoveries with the telescope revolutionized astronomy and paved the way for the acceptance of the Copernican heliocentric system, but his advocacy of that system in support of his view that the Bible contained errors, eventually resulted in an Inquisition process against him. This brought me into more settled waters... and to greater seriousness.[194]. The club became infamous within popular philosophy because of a meeting on 25 October 1946 at Richard Braithwaite's rooms in King's College, Cambridge, where Karl Popper, another Viennese philosopher, had been invited as the guest speaker. Popper's paper was "Are there philosophical problems? Richard Wagner IQ score: 170 Arne Beurling IQ score: 180 For the most important thing is coming to terms with myself! Immanuel Kant IQ score: 175 [17][18] Three of his four brothers committed suicide, which Wittgenstein had also contemplated. I.e. [158] He discovered Leo Tolstoy's 1896 The Gospel in Brief at a bookshop in Tarnów, and carried it everywhere, recommending it to anyone in distress, to the point where he became known to his fellow soldiers as "the man with the gospels. Around Christmas, in 1913, he writes: how can I be a logician before I'm a human being? Much of the Investigations consists of examples of how the first false steps can be avoided, so that philosophical problems are dissolved, rather than solved: "the clarity we are aiming at is indeed complete clarity. Monk writes that "This is not so marginal as it may at first appear, for it is precisely these details that lend what is otherwise a rather plain, even ugly house its distinctive beauty. Johann Strauss IQ score: 170 Weeping Willow Bonsai Complete Owner’s Guide, 94 People that you Would Never Guess are in Mensa. In response, his brother Paul wrote: It is out of the question, really completely out of the question, that anybody bearing our name and whose elegant and gentle upbringing can be seen a thousand paces off, would not be identified as a member of our family... That one can neither simulate nor dissimulate anything including a refined education I need hardly tell you. He dropped out of college for financial reasons and spent most of his adult life working manual labour jobs while also working on his Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe – a theory about the creation of everything – in his spare time. After the war, when Paul was performing in Vienna, he did not visit Hermine who was dying there, and he had no further contact with Ludwig or Gretl. Philosophically, Wittgenstein's thought shows alignment with religious discourse. Galileo Galilei IQ score: 185 [54][55], Two years later, aged 22 and studying chemistry at the Berlin Academy, the third eldest brother, Rudi, committed suicide in a Berlin bar. Hans Christian Andersen IQ score: 145 Rene Descartes IQ score: 185 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe IQ: 210Wikipedia. 2 (1903). George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) IQ score: 160 [149], On the outbreak of World War I, Wittgenstein immediately volunteered for the Austro-Hungarian Army, despite being eligible for a medical exemption. "[114] [84], A few days before the invasion of Poland, Hitler personally granted Mischling status to the Wittgenstein siblings. When most of us think about Hollywood, the word ‘genius’ doesn’t usually factor into our image of the movie business. In 1926, Cox undertook a historiometric study to determine which of “the most eminent men and women” throughout history may have had the highest IQ scores. [83], There is much debate about the extent to which Wittgenstein and his siblings, who were of 3/4 Jewish descent, saw themselves as Jews. [72] However, Wittgenstein resisted formal religion, saying it was hard for him to "bend the knee",[73] though his grandfather's beliefs continued to influence Wittgenstein—as he famously said, I cannot help seeing every problem from a religious point of view.[74].