Never happened. We know Tobirama was the fastest of his time, but that reputation most likely comes from his FTG just like Minato the "yellow flash" being faster than A4. (faster than the Madara who blitzed SM Naruto), You have them in the correct order already, Amekage. I'm not so sure if Tobirama is faster than Madara/Hashirama. Kishimoto doesn't make a distinction between teleportation and raw speed. Minato's teleportation made him faster with the reflexes to be able to react in the last minute but he's not physically faster than Ay. Try again. How about that, you’ve already got them in order. So you would say Minato and Tobirama are supposed to be faster than Hashi and Mads, even if there's not a really big gap between them, right? Tobirama's shunshin vs Hashirama and Madara's could be anybody's guess. So I’d say it’s Madara/Hashirama > Izuna > No FTG Tobirama. Take a second to look at our. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. So the shroud being Hiraishin's equal isn't credible. Minato is supposed to be faster than Tobirama. The argument against Tobirama is kind of stupid, tbh, unless they're suggesting he is as slow as Hiruzen and Hashirama. Welcome to the forums! You are using an out of date browser. JavaScript is disabled. Tobirama literally used 3 techniques before Minato moved a finger. 4 faster: minato namikaze Also known as the Yellow Flash of the Hidden Leaf, Minato Namikaze is undoubtedly one of the fastest characters in the anime world. Given how Madara admitted inferiority to him. It's pretty obvious FTG was used to get to the battlefield, and the only reason Asspullnato made it there first is because Tobirama was carrying Hashirama and Hiruzen. Tobirama said his ftg was faster that does not change the fact that tobiramas reaction and physical speed is >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. What's worse is that it takes 3 days to cover a country to another (Konoha to the sand), let's say it takes a day to get to another country, yet Asspullnato and the others make it there in 10 mins or so. Nah there’s no way to substantiate without FTG for instance, Minato and Tobirama being the fastest of their time was stated with FTG infusion, doesn’t mean Tobirama wouldn’t have still been faster than the other two without FTG though I would argue that is the case, considering even with FTG he struggled to take down Izuna for years who could not spam MS. Minato > Tobirama > Madara/Hashi is stated. Steveo920 wrote: You are making it sound like I am saying Minato's non-teleporting speed is godly, which I am not. And Tobirama admitted inferiority to Minato, Fake news. Minato still has the raw speed. SM Hashirama >>> S06P Hashirama's Cell amplified Mangekyo Madara >>> FTG Hiraishin Tobirama >>> FTG Hiraishin Minato >>> Default Tobirama >>> Default Hashirama >>> S06P Rinnegan amplified Mangekyo Madara >>> Default Mangekyo Madara >>> >>> Default Minato. Again, I fully admit that his natural mobility is questionable and likewise admit that his FTG is his true dangerous speed in battle. Tobirama already admitted inferiority in shunshin, and his "fastest in the era" was most likely due to FTG. Minato is the fastest boi here, he got Kushina pregnant just by speed after all. His reputation as the fastest of the time could come from Hiraishin, just like Minato's reputation of the yellow flash who's faster than A4. Minato is an unknown, although his shunshin reaction to TSB implies he was very physically gifted. Minato worked on Tobirama's teleportation ninjutsu and perfected it. Given how Madara admitted inferiority to him and he used 3 techniques before Minato could move a hand. In the last , Naruto and toneri were clashing so fast together they looked like beams of light fighting , they disappeared and reappeared multiple times