It is improved in quite a few ways. If the gameplay is massively improved I think there is no point in playing EU 3 but if it's just graphicaly improved I'll probably just play EU 3 for now. EU3 overall is a much worse game, but the one thing I do miss is sliders. So you can't just buy the expansion you're interested in, or just get the most recent one on its own. I'm sure this question gets asked a lot but I was wondering if EU3 was still worth playing. Greatness isn't allways measured by size... Let me hunt pirates again in all my ports. 8 comments. Archived. That is at most, $75 for a game that you can play for over 1,000 hours without getting bored. Yeah, going from Eu3 w/ all expansions straight to Eu4 at release, they were fairly comparable feature wise, although EU4 was more streamlined. so worth it!! So for example for a building to matter it has to have like +40% local tax modifier? If you are the kind of person who has asked these questions then you are the kind of person who will enjoy EU Divine Wind regardless of its many mechanical nuances. This expansion definitely adds a lot of new and enjoyable content to the series and if you happened to enjoy any of the other EU games you will enjoy this. The Collection is also available on GOG but you need the incomplete "Complete" and the Collection Upgrade. What's this? +40% yearly tax is effectively just a +20% total local tax modifier. For one thing you couldn't claim land. Much more events feel "natural". Basically I’m a huge fan of paradox games and EU4 (although I usually roleplay compared to complete blobbing) a question I have is if EU3 Complete Edition is worth playing for someone who enjoys roleplaying in EU4. Sliders were great. UI is way better, game "feel" is better IMO, and the monarch points is WAAAY better than sliders. You could also buy both. It's fun for how really off-the-rails and alt-history it gets (No more Iberian Union, PLC, or Jannisarries). © 2020 METACRITIC, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. In EU3, however, Navarre has better starting sliders, giving a lot better initial bonuses. Working on EU4. If you do not enjoy reading history books then you will find this game lacking but if your the kind of person who reads Gibbon from cover to cover then you will find this game scratches an itch that very few other games scratch. Yes it is! but I love them They give you complex world with game rules that, Game from Europa Universalis series are definitely not for every one. If you try that you're be hated by every nation and endless wars coming from this hate will destroy even biggest empire - from inside coz of peasant riots, revolutions or independence uprisings. #4. This is actually first game that I played where after your crashing victory against one of your enemies if you're not modest in your demands and will be to greedy, you will actually in long-term destroy yourself. Another circuit in the series' evolution. Cascading alliances is pretty two-sided addition, because it makes little conquest missions to be almost World Wars. Carpet sieging is required (every province has forts), there are many more buildings that do many more things (docks are actually very important), but combat is largely the same. If you get it be sure to get the Collection though and NOT the "Complete" edition because despite the name it's not actually complete and missing IMO essential expansions Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind. 17 Badges. Divine Wind is the expansion for the oldest fans of the franchise. I played on random world and started as the Creek Indians. -. I play a lot of Vicky2 and Ck2 and want to try a Europa universalis game, I don't really want to invest all that money into DLC's so was wondering if EU3 still holds up, Yes! You are always better off starting as Castile, even if you pick Navarre and achieve the very same things (which is far more difficult). Best answers 0. "The basic feature of our economic theory is that we have no theory at all." Also, wars are often fought between different alliances. After playing 4..... probably no. Requiring Europa Universalis III Complete as well as the Heir to. This expansion is nice - with all previous ones i would say this is 9,5 game now. i also saw ottomans successfully invade ireland again this is 1400s and england take land in crimea. Sure is. Is EU 4 massively improved vs EU 3 or is just graphicaly improved? All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. In EU4, some countries (like Russia or the Ottomans) may find that Westernization is actually more trouble than it is worth. Is EU3 worth playing? If you want a feeling of what it was like go back and play vanilla eu4. In EU4, Castille is simply objectively superior to Navarre in every way and there is logical reason to pick Navarre ever besides vanity. However, there is an opportunity cost, as moving changing them takes many years. Sep 21, 2015 1.458 626. The Blood Eagle General. It is worth the few dollars to get this add on pack but don't set. IMO, 4 is a lot easier. What if Russia had expanded West instead of East? Out of curiosity, is Victoria 2 up to the point where it's worth playing yet, or is it still horribly inferior to Vicky: R? EU3 has some game mechanics that are really cool and that I miss in EU4 (such as actual population numbers in provinces, lots of sliders for research and other stuff, taxes collected only once a year) but there are also some extremely terrible things in it that will destroy you if you aren't used to them (such as the equivalent of the aggressive expansion mechanic, which in EU3 basically makes everyone on the planet hate you even if they don't know that you exist, while also constantly triggering negative events and spawning extra rebel stacks). Surely, strategists will appreciate this brand new and polished expansion! I'm sure this question gets asked a lot but I was wondering if EU3 was still worth playing.