Posted on 09. Mic Review: MXL R40 Ribbon. 42 Comments on UPDATED: So You Want A Good Cheap Ribbon Mic: Upgrading the $69.99 MXL R40 UPDATE: since this article seems to get an enormous number of pageviews, I thought I should mention that we did in fact carry-out the intended shoot-out of the mod’d R40 versus a range of other similar ribbons (with a Royer R121 as the ‘control’ sample. The MXL R144 ribbon microphone is a remarkably well sounding mic while being the least costly ribbon mic in the market. MXL R77 ribbon microphone is a classic ribbon mic that looks beautiful and delivers a vintage, classic, natural sound and realism that a great ribbon microphone is known for producing. If you are a youtube who has just started a youtube channel, or a podcaster or someone in the online field, this microphone is a perfect and affordable solution for you. So, not really a recording post, but an equipment post- my first one- and I hope to be able to do more in the future. The MXL R144 is an affordable ribbon microphone that provides the unique sound of ribbon microphone recordings from the jazz-age. While not suitable for all recordings, the R144’s warmth and smooth top-end provides a new sound character to diversify your microphone collection. Setting at the upper end of MXL’s ribbon microphone offerings, the R77 is a natural upgrade from the entry- level R144 mic . MXL R144 Ribbon Microphone – Front. I recently purchased an MXL R40 Ribbon microphone from Musician’s Friend. The MXL R40 is a Ribbon Mic that comes with a shockmount and it is well made. MXL R80 is the perfect ribbon microphone for those who want to use it for daily recording. Dec, 2011 by Tim Bushong in News. I am not a fan of the color (teal-ish) but it is not that bad once you get it in your studio and set up. Like almost all ribbon microphones, it delivers a creamy smooth sound with a nice warmth and an elegant darkness. Final Words.