Boris Johnson should maybe have sent in his cousin to soften Burnham up before he got involved. Definitely a Christmas film or at least a winter film. Lord of the Rings: the story of a young boy trying to return a present he didn't like - and learning valuable lessons along the way. When we look back on 2020, this WhatsApp voice note will be one of the keystones to understanding the mental space we found ourselves in at the start of April. 23/10/2020 … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Welcome to r/lotrmemes, the place to meme and shitpost all you want about the Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, the Silmarillion, and everything Tolkien-related. From the Reece Witherspoon challenge to Fatima's new job in 'cyber'. Rather than sending in the Bluth family matriarch to make the case. The bird's distraught ma, Sandra, did the only thing most of us would think to do in that situation: she went outside and shouted her bird's name repeatedly. The arrival of this video in May, though, might have taken the edge off that though. Given how much of this year's been spent in a paralysing state of oh-Christ-what-is-it-now-ness, it feels a little bit improper to pick up the news purely through push notifications. Subscribe to Esquire now for a hit of style, fitness, culture and advice from the experts, These 2020 Memes Will Make Life Feel Better. Lucas has captured the latter-day serious-face Johnson very tidily here, all earnest eyebrows and lower register to show that actually, guys, this is quite serious now. Camera. Bring those hands together, and you get some searingly hot memes. Having spent almost half of the year to this point either indoors or worrying about whether we should be indoors, the glut of despairing jokes, coronavirus memes and Dominic Cummings tweetstorms have been incredibly comforting, even when they've been pressing on some miserable and infuriating moments. Sometimes that's all you need. But put him next to an unnervingly Chad-ish version of him and he becomes a poster boy for the generally underwhelming vibe of 2020 so far. LOTR is basically a hallmark franchise. Congrats to Fatima on her retraining in Cyber. To make your own, simply substitute in the chunkiest drop you can summon up. The emotional climax of Greta Gerwig's Little Women adaptation found a second life as a means of expressing all those things which you wish you could stop yourself doing but, as Jo tells Laurie when he tries throwing some matrimony at her, you simply can't despite your best efforts. The movies were released around Christmas. The man behind the WhatsApp voice note that went mad is 29-year-old Londoner Billy McLean, who works in software sales. At this stage of proceedings – after the 'pedo guy' debacle, and that time Musk pulled a "well, actually" on Grimes hours after she'd had surgery, and the episode where Azealia Banks was apparently trapped in their house – an ain't-Elon-Musk-and-Grimes-whacky meme should barely make a dent. I sent it to the football group, my mum and the girl that I’m trying to date, We've got some more Train Guy thoughts here too, as it happens, that time Musk pulled a "well, actually" on Grimes hours after she'd had surgery, this was the first big hit of the coronavirus period, Record Players That Will Make You Love Vinyl Again, The Funniest Moments From The Oscars 2020, The Funniest Things To Happen At the Rio Olympics So Far, The Funniest US Election Night Tweets So Far. and bish bash bosh, you've retrained as an arc welder. By bigboidorito 2020-10-01 18:30. (Not that Train Guy would travel on the Overground; he's a first class lounge regular on Virgin West Coast.) #FINDCHANEL ❤️ The different hats we wear on the social media platforms that our parents' generation have heard of are pretty daft, aren't they. Imagine being Boris Johnson, and not only getting rinsed by one of the country's most intensely likeable young men but also getting bodied by such cuddly conglomerates as McDonald's, who've stepped in to help fill the gap. positively phenomenal use of the BBC News theme tune. Despite a last-minute offer from Mesut Özil to pay his salary, Jerry Quy, the man in the gigantic reptile suit, will hang up his elongated neck after 27 years. Add Caption. Screenshots of odd facial expressions are, like sarcasm and You've Been Framed!, right down there at the bottom of the humour sophistication pyramid. Normally we wouldn't countenance this kind of solipsistic moping and griping about living in the most technologically advanced age of the only known intelligent life in the observed universe, but this year it feels like exaggerated whinging is, at the very least, a communal event for the people, rather than a means of wishing the world was a bit more male and straight, thanks very much. Person. We can but hope that one day, perhaps society will stop treating pop stars as second class citizens. Add Caption. "Watching Until I Laugh" Is Another Way To Score Meme Points While Calling Things Unfunny . Why had Chanel just flown away out of the garden? Sir Keir Starmer's PMQs face made it look like he was on the bus home after three pints and had Channel Orange on his noise-cancelling headphones. They're silly, stupid, generally completely unfair on the people who've briefly been caught gurning or snoozing or whatever. Imagine having to explain the collection of words introducing this meme to someone even five years ago. So, obviously, the memes tend toward a sarky appraisal of how bringing last orders forward an hour is going to magically keep a pandemic at bay. Out with the shootas. The word 'cruel' starts flashing." The good: got the Bake Off gig. In short: to deal with food shortages, the FA had offered the home of English football up to the service of the nation, and would close up its retractable roof, turn on the under-soil heating, and make the biggest lasagne north London has ever seen. It's slightly mad to think that we have FC Midtjylland of Jutland, Denmark and Anthony Martial's dodgy hamstring to thank for the ongoing political maelstrom around whether or not it's completely fine that thousands of children will be hungry over Christmas. Cummings's line that he only drove to the nearby town of Barnard Castle to test his eyesight was one for the ages. The strange warping and flexing flow of time since about mid-March generally gets put down to lockdown, the stress of living through a pandemic and the overriding sense that we've been monkey-barring our way from one day to the next. But perhaps the realisation that, say, Olly Murs's horrendous prank with the Pringles tube only happened in the middle of May, is jarring for reasons other than the fact that you've not had any human contact in six months. 80% (739) Dark. The bad: had to spend several days apologising for Little Britain. In the run up to what was, with thundering crassness, billed as 'Super Saturday', the tension was palpable. The pubs are staying open! The Best Memes Of 2020 Will Make Everything Feel Alright Again .