My perso... Are your feeders being overrun with grackles, blackbirds, and starlings? They are also attracted to any food source, including garbage, which means they can carry germs and disease. In most situations, grackles respond best to a multi-sensory approach; using more than just one type of deterrent will yield the best possible results. Use dedicated finch feeders that dispense thistle (nyjer) seed. Tube feeders surrounded by cages do the trick. however may not be feasible for very large crops. But they don’t tend to be a problem in warmer months when there are lots of bugs to eat. So, grackles only find out too late and are bounced off of the nets. Don’t use tray feeders or feeders with platforms that allow grackles to land. It is weather-proof and has pretty much the same effect as the others. This can be a nightmare if urgent control solutions aren’t found.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'verminkill_com-box-4','ezslot_1',123,'0','0'])); The health risks caused by inhaling airborne bacteria from dried droppings are yet another reason to seek immediate removal. © 2020 Bird B Gone, Inc.. All Rights Reserved. Blackbirds, cowbirds, crows, grackles, and magpies (collectively called “blackbirds”), roost in large numbers for safety. Getting rid of grackles eating seed at bird feeders isn’t easy. And we will show you shortly. Use terror eyes where you can hang them around the crops. No wonder so many birdwatchers think of them as big bullies. Electronic devices, including the Version 2 versions of the BirdXPeller PRO (1 unit covers up to 1 acre) and Super BirdXPeller PRO (1 unit covers up to 6 acres), are extremely effective against grackles, as well as blackbirds and crows. I participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, “an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to” If you use an affiliate link on my site to go to Amazon and make a purchase within 24 hours, I earn a small fee which helps offset blog related costs. Here, you’d find easy-to-follow methods to control the pest bird problem. Here in the Mid-Atlantic, Common Grackles live year-round. Where feather colors come from: Why cardinals are red and grackles are shiny, Study: Common seeds that attract birds best, and the food to avoid to keep away grackles, Kākāpō voted winner of New Zealand’s Bird of the Year contest, Photos of the day: First half of November 2020, What birders should know about GMO products in bird food. Grackles are known to live for more than 20 years! Not all types of birds are unwelcome. When installed on surfaces most frequented by grackles, the birds are discouraged from returning. Starlings are not fans of bird feeders, so you can put up a bird feeder for cardinals, grackles, blue jays, etc. For property owners, grackle droppings cause significant corrosion to paints and metal surfaces. It also works on other birds too! GROUND SHIPPING ON ALL WEB ORDERS OVER $75 | 800.662.5021, 100% effective everywhere they are installed, Discreet—barely visible from a distance, silent & require no power supply. Protect yours in a holder surrounded with a cage, or use a feeder that hides the suet under a roof. The large, black bird called a grackle often flocks to backyard bird feeders and bullies the smaller birds. If you’ve experienced or are experiencing a grackle problem, you would need no one to tell you of the problems they present. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Your source for becoming a better birder, By Lillian and Don StokesUpdated January 8, 2019. This isn’t Al Quieda, it’s a bird, but given the weaponry used to get rid of them, they are clearly viewed as terrorists. But after they have found alternate sunflower seed sources, I can put the sunflower back. 2. Grackles are taking over the country, leaving an inch of droppings along the way. 1. All rights reserved. You may need to experiment to see which height keeps out the larger birds but still lets the smaller chickadees and finches feed at will.