Practicing your comprehension of written English will both improve your vocabulary and understanding of grammar and word order. Dudley looked a lot like Uncle Vernon. 25 – Human Right #23: Workers' Rights, Article Moral Story Number 8: Do Not Murder Or need to know something about our courses? For this purpose of making you practice reading English from different sources, following articles are from varies fields like Politics, Ethics and Religion and Economics. Moral Story Number 12: Safeguard and Improve Your Environment On this page, you’ll find suggestions for excellent English books (and a few helpful reading tips). Don’t waste your time reading something that you find boring. Moral Stories (videos, stories and exercises) In his concluding lines the writer says that while the Next China is becoming more power-centric, assertive and outwardly focussed than he had imagined. you can understand. That said, the Harry Potter series has 7 books total (most of which are very long). Ostracism: to exclude from society by popular consent Skin in the game: to bear the risk in doing some work or achieving some goals, especially to invest one’s own personal money in buying stocks. Interaction: By reading a novel in English, you are interacting with the language. Drug Education Stories (videos, stories and exercises)Videos, stories and exercises on common drugs and their dangerous hidden effects. If you buy a box of chocolates, or a new camera, why not read the description or instructions in English? Cornflakes Packets. Rights (videos, stories and exercises), Article If you have don’t understand a passage in the English version, you can consult the translated version for the meaning of that passage. Moral Story Number 10: Support a Government Designed and Run for All the People Orwell uses simple English to appeal to all reading levels with a ‘less is more’ approach, and the animals speak in short, clear sentences. It’s about a boy called Jonas and the community he is part of – where freedom, individuality and choice don’t exist. This allows you to read for fun but to also learn something new at the same time. When you read a book, you’re reading a piece of work that someone spent months or even years writing. * We respect your email privacy and you can unsubscribe at any time. If you buy digital books on Amazon, you can download a sample of every book for free. Each article has contains an exercise too. to Really Learn English Home. Having both versions is useful. Your email address will not be published. Lowry uses short sentences and simple grammar to create a story that’s attention-grabbing right from the start. Novels have a wide range of words that describe places, objects, characters, emotions, actions, etc. English Reading Practice – an article about Cats. One last tip: get as much reading practice as you can. Continuing to use this website gives consent to cookies being used. By combining reading-for-studying and reading-for-pleasure, you'll be able to improve your reading skill without relegating reading time to the realm of "work" alone. Are you sure you want to leave this form and resume later? Reading novels is awesome; you get to be immersed in an imaginative world. We use MailChimp as our marketing automation platform. The main reason is that these types of reading material contain advertisements and other distracting elements (like pop-ups). 14 – Human Right #12: The Right to Privacy, Article There was an error initializing the payment processor on this form. Beautifully structured and written, explaining the works of many great people who have their say on the subject, the writer doesn’t fail to impress us by his knowledge and style of writing in an attempt to convince us that dreams hold an important place in shaping the American politics. This short, allegorical novel tells the story of animals rebelling against their human masters, and is a satire of Stalin era in the Soviet Union.