The following is a list that contains, but is not limited to, several of the order types and related tasks associated with the Civil Process Division. and turn it over to its lawful owner. The Civil Process Division serves and enforces thousands of these orders every year. Writ of Possessions There are several different types, and they are commonly referred to as a levy. General Writs of Execution (Levies) (856) 384-4642. [3], The courthouse is a contributing property to Broad Street Historic District, listed on the New Jersey Register of Historic Places (#1429) in 1988. Summons & Complaints (856) 384-4635. The Civil Process Division is comprised of clerical support staff and uniformed law enforcement officers. Below are the addresses and contact details of these courts: Gloucester County Superior Court Gloucester County Courthouse 1 North Broad St. Woodbury, NJ 08096 Phone: (856) 878-5050. [1], It was designed by architectural firm Hazelhurst and Huckel (whose work includes the Union Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) and built in 1885. Writ of Possession Gloucester County Courthouse is the historic courthouse for Gloucester County, New Jersey, U.S. and is located in the county seat, Woodbury. Wage Garnishments (856) 384-4669. Gloucester County has a Superior Court, a Surrogate’s Court, and 13 Municipal Courts. Gloucester County maintains a population of more than 263,000 residents and offers health, public safety, library, education, veterans, … Writ of Repletion The county of Gloucester is located in New Jersey and was founded in 1686. The Superior Court occupies two locations in Woodbury. Gloucester County Courthouse is the historic courthouse for Gloucester County, New Jersey, U.S. and is located in the county seat, Woodbury. [2] Construction included the cornerstone of the 1787 building it replaced; the bell in the clock tower is also from the earlier building. Click here for the full ADA Compliance Statement. There are 288,288 residents in Gloucester who have access to courthouses in Bridgeport, Gibbstown, Mantua, … Summons and Complaint The courthouse serves the residents of Gloucester County in New Jersey. The most common form of restraining order is the temporary restraining order, which is designed to keep individuals apart and safe until a specified court date. There are many different aspects and responsibilities of this division, although the primary responsibility is the service and enforcement of all Superior Court orders and Subpoenas. Superior Court documents advising a person that a civil lawsuit has been filed against them. This action is more commonly known as an eviction. Some of the more common reasons for these civil suits would be: Restraining Orders Some of the tasks involved for Sheriff's Officers pertaining to these orders are: Writs of Execution This is a court order directing the Sheriff's Office to take control and possession of a property that was sold at Sheriff Sale and turn it over to the purchaser. Contact Numbers. The Gloucester County Superior Court, located in Woodbury, New Jersey is a government institution where legal disputes are resolved in accordance with the law. In Woodbury Criminal Courts, the … [4], Coordinates: 39°50′19″N 75°09′12″W / 39.8386°N 75.1534°W / 39.8386; -75.1534, "New Jersey Courts Cumberland/Gloucester/Salem", "Gloucester County, NJ. Website - News Details", "New Jersey and National Registers of Historic Places", New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection,, Buildings and structures in Gloucester County, New Jersey, Historic district contributing properties in New Jersey, Renaissance Revival architecture in New Jersey, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 7 December 2018, at 04:02. [1] It was designed by architectural firm Hazelhurst and Huckel … Gloucester County … These are orders from Superior Court that are used to recover monetary judgments. This is an order authorizing the Sheriff's Office to seize an article of property such as a motor vehicle, construction equipment, etc.