From: LPR-HD4X LPR Gate Camera System features: This is how an LPR system is typically setup at the gated entrance of an HOA. CCTV Camera Pros designed these license plate capture systems to monitor vehicle gate entrances for HOA communities, businesses, and government facilities. We have designed high quality LPR camera systems since 2006. Please contact us here and let us know what you require. They have to speak to you before they come in. As a result, we cannot show you the price in catalog or the product page. They use the video to ensure correct reporting by the companies using the pits, and by the on-site foreman. Check ALEKO Door Phone Pricing here⇒. Open your Gate app and press the emergency button The system is set up to record only on motion. $1,935.00, @ Copyright 2018 Gate Depot @ Martrano Enterprises, LLC All rights reserved. They installed on 4 channel DVR with 2 cameras into a ventilated box on a pole at the entrance. In most cases, you will only have to plug in the receiver and pair them. all times. Many communities want video surveillance monitoring for both the incoming and outgoing traffic at their entry / exit gate. A wireless gate intercom will work with any type of gate that opens automatically. CCTV Camera Pros provides lifetime technical support and remote configuration services at no additional charge. Manage multiple entry points across several communities from a single dashboard with myQ® Community Control. This means that there are no trees or buildings in the way, or that the antennas must be mounted on a tower or pole that is above the trees. The camera is mounted low looking at the rear license plates. Users can navigate the menu system and settings using the USB mouse that is included. They can state their name and why they are there. Give yourself or your tenants the ability to pre-approve entry via gate audio or video intercom, and to enter via a pin, key access card or smartphone. In some cases a solar panel and storage battery system can be used. One camera is mounted on top of the pole for good overviews during the day and night. This is optional. can come and go without a key. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. If you have a gate opener installed, you may also be able to push a button and allow them to come in. The less of an angle to the license plates, the clearer the image. We configured a system of 2 cameras … What Types of Gates Need Intercom Systems. We configured a system of 2 cameras on a pole. Check Docooler System Pricing here⇒, ALEKO Wireless Video Door Phone Intercom System, This system allows you to monitor your home 24 hours a day using two monitors and a single camera. That way you can see who your visitors are at We offer expert design services and can provide a custom system … Gate intercoms are very reliable at keeping out unwanted people. For longer distances, you may be forced to get some cable in the ground to transmit the footage back to your house. These concepts also apply to most other types of residential or commercial gated access communities. Guests have to tell you why they want to come in and it is a great way to keep out dishonest people since they will not want to alert you that they are there. below in our extensive selection and complete product evaluations. Gate is the all-in-one, camera smart lock. CCTV Camera Pros is proud to have an Best V ideo Intercom Systems for 2020 There's nothing like a video intercom system to add convenience and safety at your front door or gate. The farm has electricity at the gate, and the sandy land conditions made it easy to trench with a cable plow to get CAT 5 bury-able wire between the gate and house. $1,469.00, To: Do you need something more custom than the systems on this page? The gate intercom selection from includes: Stand-alone intercoms, telephone entry, An intercom gate makes it easier for people at your gate to let you know that they are there and ask you for entry onto your property. Thousands of Happy Customers and Counting, Never Worry About Front Door Security Again, choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. 1-866-255-0035, Manufacturer of Farm Security Cameras since 1993. One of these cameras records cars entering the community and the other records cars exiting. $1,010.00, To: Supports up to three additional base stations for multiple room access. VT-LPR-S2 LPR / ANPR Camera System features: The $606.00, To: reading our FAQ and system setup guide here. It is backed by a 12-month warranty. You will be able to speak to them and tell them to return later, leave a package at the gate, or that you will come down and let them in. along.”, “The world’s most sophisticated lock simplifies your life.”, “When smart lock meets camera, homeowners win.”. evaluates product lines and chooses products that are best suited for residential gates … Gate's motion-activated camera streams real-time, high-res video JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. Configure & Add to Cart, From: See visitors live, say hello through two-way audio, or unlock the door and let them in right on your smartphone! The Gate app lets you assign PIN codes to people you trust so they Therefore, you may want to consider a wireless gate intercom system for home use. Jump To => Wireless Gate Intercom Systems. Friends or family? b/w or color video and much more. The IR camera also has night vision and the intercom is hands-free. Programmed to recognize 100 different Entry codes, Use wireless or wired from keypad to gate opener. After all, we want you to feel protected in every aspect. Stand-Alone Intercoms are a great choice to control access to driveway gates, pedestrian gates, and entry doors for single residences or offices, or larger facilities that are entered through a guard station. Worlds Largest Online DIY Gate Opener Retailer • Unbeatable Technical Support • The owners were have trouble with unauthorized hunting, fishing and trash dumping. They are easy to install and the fact that they are wireless means you do not have to run hardwires out to your driveway gate. Rocky terrain prevented trenching wire in the ground. Call us today about your needs, and our design engineers will create a system that will help protect your property and business. The gate intercom selection from includes: Stand-alone intercoms, telephone entry, b/w or color video and much more. With the Gate app, you We have professional installation partners in many areas of the US. your smartphone. 8-5 PST M-F. Stand-Alone Intercoms allow for voice and sometimes video communication with your entryway and will usually have at least one output relay to trigger the gate opener, electric strike, or magnetic lock. Choose gate intercom systems with up to 5 call buttons, handsets and more. Its receiver works for up to 500ft to allow you to talk to people at your gate before allowing them to come through and the keypad can hold 100 codes. Adding a wireless gate intercom system makes allowing only wanted guests into your property much easier. $2,321.00, From: Residential Telephone Entry Systems are typically designed to control access to a driveway gate with the possibility of controlling a pedestrian gate or secondary access point as well.Most units are for use with individual homes, but some feature the ability to dial multiple phone numbers so they can be suitable for small communities. A wireless router allows them to review footage of all entries from their vehicle with a laptop over the internet.