I say that I’d do anything for you That’s a promise I can no longer make Loving you is inevitable It’s something that I can’t fake. Thoughts of you stain my mind. I’ve sat and cried over you way too much, Just wishing one more time I could feel your touch. Your senses become alive as you fall in love for the first time. 1 of 24 Next Poem > Once Upon A Time. And whispered in my ear to let me know, 'You are awesome,' everyday or so I never wanted to let anyone back in. of falling in love and then falling apart. That’s are broken heart, lost love, sorry and breakup love poems. “Falling in love is like getting hit by a truck and yet not being mortally wounded. she feels as if she is not needed anymore. What did I do to you that was so wrong? Scared that someone might hurt me again, promise me of his love and then leave me in pain, even then I let you in my life, to love you till the end of my life. I Love You Poems For Her  I Love You I... Short & Famous Heart Broken Poems, when just a few lines will do. Falling in love poems are for that heart throbbing moment when you know you are the luckiest person in the world. Poetry about the first time falling in love because there's nothing like the first love. Our relationship was never serious until after I wrote this for him. Stopping, stopping let me cry. All we had turned to dust while my heart started to rust. That way we wouldn’t of broken our first son’s heart. Loneliness hurts. I try to accept your reasoning Though my heart breaks in half I know who is more important You chose the right path. Or perhaps you move on only to fall in love with your ex-partner once again. When you fall in love with someone, the feelings might linger even after a breakup. But how can you understand something That you have never been through. You’d always say you love me, but that was a repetitive lie. she feels as if she is not needed anymore, and is constantly punching the door. If Only You Knew, Goodbye Poems. Text HOME to 741741, @everythingisawesome 2015 heartbreak love betrayal silver lining 2015 Everything is Awesome Scholarship Slam Everything is Awesome Scholarship Slam Everything Is Awesome 2015 Scholarship Slam Everything is Awesome Scholarship Slam, Everything is Awesome Scholarship Slam - CLOSED, CrisisTextline.org for people dealing with depression, 2015 Everything is Awesome Scholarship Slam, Everything Is Awesome 2015 Scholarship Slam. Michael Buble – Love at First Sight. Your first kiss is like candy, but the afterthought is bittersweet. Now all that’s left of my heart is one giant hole. I guess everything you ever said was a lie. Broken Heart Poems are emotional poems about life to express a loneliness, sad and unhappy life feelings. Welcome to my new poetry channel where I share my life in words. I wish this world of darkness would come to an end I lost a girl, I lost a friend I’d give it all back if I only could I’ve said it a million times, I know I would I miss her more and more every day She’s gone, and my world is dark and grey My life is a cloud of endless rain I wish I could escape the endless pain What’s the point of living if she’s gone There is no sun, there is no dawn In my endless world of darkness…. People don't know how much it hurts, to lose a person you were with, to lose all your dreams and your hopes, to realize one day your love was a myth. But you don’t care, and neither should I. Escaping dreams of yesterday. You are blinded by shame For all you have done It hurts me so bad That I was never number one. and I’m left with all these wondering questions of why? I'd closed my heart and told myself ''not to love'', you knocked the door and I opened it up, I didn't know what to think or do, I just knew that I want to be with you. They think I can do it on my own, But they don’t know I am crying When I am all alone…. I understand your pain Or at least say that I do. But really, inside, I am just as lost as you. And look forward instead of back at my past. It’s the idealistic love… Forgetting things you’ll never know. It was never like this… In the beginning all we did was laugh Now that we are married it’s like we have to argue and that has to be part of our lives. You Used Me You used me. To the dark and the endless skies. I always had a dream in mind, to be loved and to love someone, I've fallen once in this crime, but I don't wanna fail this time. But you don’t care, and neither should I. and come together and be a whole at last? Which was hard as stone. you say you love her, but this is no way to prove it, now the knife and her heart have met. Who saw I was beautiful. I gave you all my love, but it wasn’t enough. Read short sad love poems here. Faster, faster there I go. When you push me around and see me in pain. I messed up and it wasn't right. And the moon and the stars were the gifts you gave. the tears are burning, because of all the scratching. Dying, dying deep inside. Why do people go through this? Nothing but emptiness and darkness take its place. Do you feel empowered? I wonder how long this broken heart will last. How many times can a heart crack before it shatters? I tried to be strong, but I don’t know what went wrong.