She loves sharing her creativity here at Make and Takes! To appease the gods and the spirits of Spring, decorate and paint eggs, then leave them at the foot of trees as offerings. With your pencil, draw an image, then trace your glue on top of the image. I’m going to try it with my son’s preschool this week! You can use eggshells as a non-toxic abrasive in washing up by throwing some crushed eggshells into any pan or baking dish that has food cooked onto it as you scrub. This art project seems much easier than traditional egg dyeing for my really young children. Best regards from Barcelona, Boil the eggshells in your coffee. Marta. The egg-carton has always been a preschool favourite for kids craft but kids can have a lot of fun with eggshells too! I’ll do it with my son and have recommended your post on my blog. BB – Thanks for kind words. These are lovely. To do this you'll need free range, preferably also organic, eggs and you'll have to dry the eggshells out in the oven and sanitise them before crushing them. A carton full of sprouting eggshells on the windowsill is a great way to start a dozen seedlings. Let the images dry for a bit, then you can display them for Easter. Thanks for the reminder!! At 1 Million Women we take waste seriously and try our best to reuse anything we can but I must admit I never gave a second thought to throwing away my eggshells until I saw this post from Shake off the extra, putting the extra back into the bag. I will be back for more…. I think we’ll do this on Easter, right after we peel our easter eggs. Floor. Marie is a mother of 3 living in Seattle, WA. You’ll get about 6-7 good pictures out of that. I always know I can find some fabulous family fun if I dig through your archives. So cool! Shake off the extra, putting the extra back into the bag. Hear from the incredible climate negotiator Christiana Figueres and former President of Ireland Mary Robinson, then have your soul nourished with live performances from Missy Higgins and Paul Kelly plus so much more! Decorating and hanging the eggs on an ornamental tree indoors is an old Easter German tradition still upheld today. thanks for the reminder of a project i love doing. Then place the egg shells in a plastic baggie and crush them to small bits. so colorful! I have just stumbled it for you. Let the eggs dry, then crack them open and save all the shell pieces. (Don't do this with anything that has a non-stick coating.). Jan 16, 2016 - Shop for abstract%20painting on Etsy, the place to express your creativity through the buying and selling of handmade and vintage goods. You’ll need to let all the shell pieces dry again for a little while as they are wet from the inside egg. Marie, The tradition of painting and decorating eggs pre-dates Christianity and spans multiple cultures. We’re crushing eggs shells again, getting some decorations ready for Easter. From painting festive easter designs on empty eggshells to making little egg men to using crushed egg shell for mosaics - there are lots of crafty possibilities. LOVE IT! It’s fun to share crafts I did as a child with my own kids. Admired your great idea. Thank you so much for sharing. She's been the founder and managing editor of Make and Takes for the last 13 years, curating a DIY website with kids craft tutorials, home decor ideas, and simple recipes. I recently found your blog through Sugar Doodle and have subscribed to your posts. Keep eggshells in the bottom of the container you use to water your plants. You can actually make an eggshell powder which is safe to ingest as a potent, and cheap, calcium supplement. Thanks for visiting. See more ideas about egg shell art, egg shells, shell art. I just stumbled across your blog and I instantly fell in love. Let your seedlings sprout in rinsed out egg shells - they make pretty and environmentally friendly little pots. Let the images dry for a bit, then you can display them for Easter. As it turns out, eggshells are not rubbish - they're actually useful for a lot of things! Also, a great idea for use of all of the egg shells. There are many other Spring and Easter images to glitter with crushed egg shells. Apparently, boiling eggshells in your coffee helps clarify the … They do a great job of breaking up the food. First color dye some hard-boiled eggs. Fighting climate change through our everyday lives. We want to bring you inspiration, music and a clear path forward on climate action! I don’t always get around to doing fun creative things like this with my two young kids, but I hope to. I remember making one of these fun Easter pictures in my class back in the day. We both had such a good time creating our little masterpieces together and everyone was very impressed with the results :-). I’ve never seen this activity before. The Prairie Homestead. Thanks for sharing this. We made them as Easter cards to give out to all his grandparents and great-grandparents. I am all about the ease, while still having fun. Thanks you so much for something different and fun. Way to go! I did 15 eggs here. Simple but beautiful ..I too enjoy doing crafts with kids.. very intresting suff your doing so keep it up, Thanks Marie! This activity came from my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Thanks for a great idea for what to do with the left over shells. Those little things right? Tickets are limited so get in quick! Help 1 Million Women make it through the next few months. (While the eggs were drying, we made a big batch of Egg Salad and ate some sandwiches for lunch.) I go through so many that it would be easy to do that and just wash them out, ready to dye! If you have hens you can feed them crushed eggshells as an all-natural calcium supplement. Thanks so much! From painting festive easter designs on empty eggshells to making little egg men to using crushed egg shell for mosaics - there are lots of crafty possibilities. Eggshells are great in a compost pile because they decompose quickly and are full of minerals and nutrients. These could be framed or given as an Easter card too! Thanks! Apparently they quite enjoy them! Marie we did this last night for FHE and everyone’s pictures turned out so cute and it was really fun to do! This site uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience. There are many other Spring and Easter images to glitter with crushed egg shells. oh I love doing these. During these unprecedented times of COVID-19, our work remains critical in fighting the climate crisis. Nov 25, 2012 - Explore Tammi Herron-Skidmore's board "Egg Shell Art", followed by 118 people on Pinterest. Do you do fun things like this all the time with your kids? Thanks so much for all your fantastic ideas, Marie. Christie – That is a great idea to just save the egg shells from raw eggs. Learn how your comment data is processed. We always saved egg shells for a couple weeks, then dyed the halves. Marie u r really genius, I LOVE ur ideas soo much. I can’t wait to share this one with my readers. I love your fabulous ideas. I ended up making these with my five year old son this weekend. The pictures are so cute :) what I love is the simplicity of the idea and materials, Your email address will not be published. Kid-Friendly Fancy Layered Drinks for New Year’s Eve, 25 Days of Christmas – DIY Advent Calendar, 3 Ingredient Play Dough to Make in Minutes, 5 Simple Ways to Decorate with Leftover Evergreen Boughs, Edible Science: Making Butter & Whipped Cream. That’s a WHOLE LOT OF EGGS, but genius just the same. I loved my little lamb that was glittered with crushed egg shells. Thanks for the inspiration! And Christie’s idea to dye just the shells of used eggs is brilliant! You could even leave the egg shells white if you wanted to, for a bunny or a lamb. Required fields are marked *. We make way color way more eggs than we can eat. Thanks for the inspiration. Ashley – This blog helps me do more crafty things with my kids, but I love doing fun projects anyway!!