Nature Hills team of fruit tree specialists have spent time looking at varieties that are better suited to this new demand. California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc. says cherry trees with low chilling requirements, appropriate for the warmest climates in the cherry-growing range need just 300 chilling hours. Three cherry cultivars have a chilling requirement of 500 or fewer hours. This phase is called chill accumulation requirements or needs. A correct exit from rest is essential for deciduous fruit trees to produce. Sweet cherry tree varieties. Red Baron Peach – yellow-fleshed, big flavor with the most beautiful dark-red, double blooms in spring, Donut Peach – White-fleshed, flat, donut-shaped fruit, incredibly popular for its taste and productivity, Santa Barbara Peach – yellow-fleshed favorite of the low chill climates. California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc. says cherry trees with low chilling requirements, appropriate for the warmest climates in the cherry-growing range need just 300 chilling hours. Apricots have some popular low chill selections. Note that some words may have seen their meaning altered during their translation. We recommend the following articles on our website: Collection of pests and diseases of the cherry tree. Until the necessary chill hours accumulate. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. They will likely benefit from the higher moisture content in the air that is typical of some parts of Zones 9b, 10a and 10b. But this new research is proving that more great-tasting Apple varieties will be productive in these lower chill areas. With an estimated chill hour requirement of just 200 to 300 hours (below 45 degrees), Royal Crimson makes an excellent pollenizer for both the Royal Lee and the Minnie Royal, increasing harvest where sporadic winters may cause an inconsistent overlap of blooming times. Texas A&M University: Chilling Accumulation: Its Importance and Estimation, California Rare Fruit Growers: Stone Fruit Varieties for Milder Climates, Informed Farmers: Do You Know Your Chill Hours, University of California-Davis Fruit and Nut Research Information Center: Chill Calculators. Enjoy different fruit types for the entire season in the lower chill climates of Zones 9 and 10! Royal Crimson Cherry – first self- fruitful cherry that is rated at between 200 to 300 hours of chill. We have translated the information on our website from Spanish to English. We use cookies to ensure that we give the best user experience on our website. 2.- The sprouting of the tree is irregular or staggered, sprouting some branches before others. Selected by Nature Hills for tremendous flavor and production are: Flavor Delight Aprium – adaptable self-fruitful apricot type fruit is both productive and full of great apricot flavor, Cot-N-Candy Aprium – newly released white-fleshed selection is both incredibly sweet and dependably productive in low chill climates. If you plant a cherry tree that does not get enough chilling hours, the blooms and leaves may be delayed and you will get fewer cherries of poorer quality. Many varieties of Plum do well in Zones 9 and 10. The Best Pollinators for a Black Tartarian Cherry Tree. Cherry chill hours requirements vary significantly between the different cherry tree varieties. As we can see, the cherry tree varieties with less chill requirements are early flowering. Here is a rundown of some of the best varieties. Some have even proven to be better suited to Zones 9b and 10, than to the hotter less humid parts of Zone 9a. Candy Heart Pluerry – tests show its promise in low chill areas, Sweet Treat Pluerry – unmatched flavor and easily pollinated by Candy Heart Pluerry, Santa Rosa Plum and the Burgundy Plum.