As an eBay Partner, I earn from qualifying purchases. Follow Ghetto Gamer and get email updates. For current prices, check out. So it takes us time and cost. With PS2 games costing between Rs. Whatever the case, the results are unarguable. And it takes some time for our staff and QA and licensing and everything to bring back these games. If you decide to pick it up, beware of counterfeit copies. The result of this PS2-collecting madness has been a swelling (one might say bubbling) demand for Playstation 2 games, to the point of abject ridiculousness in some cases. If you’re a retro collector who’s just starting out, this will be a tough time for you. Rule of Rose has been one of the most expensive PS2 games for a long time, and Kuon is also extremely rare. And yes, these are affiliate links. Check it out. If my theory is wrong, and prices. The available data is limited, but it certainly looks like game prices for each retro console are lowest around 10 or 12 years after the console was released, then hit peak pricing in another 10 to 12 years (give or take, these are projections, I’m not a data scientist, don’t @ me.) We could discuss this all day, but I’d rather talk about the situation itself, rather than making this post a long list of PS2 games getting expensive during a pandemic. "So we can provide that. (Also see: PS4 vs. Xbox One - Which Console Does Backwards Compatibility Better? That said, collectors of Playstation 2 seem to agree that the most viable model is the original “Fat Boy”, and the later Slim models are far more likely to break down. While fans have always appreciated the impressive graphics and gameplay of Predator – Concrete Jungle, it started rising dramatically in value in 2020. There are a handful of games that were a bit pricey a year ago, but have gone full-blown Conkers in 2020. The point is, each console generation has a gamer generation to go with it. I hope you picked those up when you could, because you’ve got to have some deep pockets to get them today. Or maybe that part’s just an excuse? Finally, let me say this list is based on and, while they do a good job of citing what listings they’re using to determine prices, I can’t really vouch for how accurate all these numbers are. Perhaps the Five Nights at Freddy’s generation is starting to look back on the older horror games they missed out on. 365 Prepaid Recharge Plan With Year-Long Validity, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max Demand Surpasses Expectations; New iPad Air Also Grabs Attention: Kuo, Sweden Joins India’s Venus Mission With Instrument to Explore Planet, Huawei Unveils EMUI 11 Roadmap Rollout for P40 Range, Mate 30 Series, And More Phones, Redmi Smartwatch With Square Dial Launching on Thursday, Could Be Rebranded Mi Watch Lite, Britain Telecom Firms Could Face Heavy Fines if They Use Suppliers Deemed High-Risk Like Huawei, NSE Warned Future Retail of Action Over Disclosures on Amazon Dispute, Emails Reveal, Redesigned MacBook Models With Apple Silicon to Debut in Second Half of 2021: Ming-Chi Kuo, China App Ban: Chinese Foreign Ministry Criticises India’s Move to Ban More Apps, Samsung Galaxy A70 Starts Receiving One UI 2.5 Update With November 2020 Android Security Patch in India: Report, iPhone 12, Xiaomi Devices from China Hit by India Import Hurdles: Sources. Playstation 2 collecting has become quite a thing lately, and shows no sign of stopping. But I’m definitely kicking myself for not getting it a few years ago. Read more about Ps2, PS4 and Sony. Micromax In 1b Unboxing: Is This The Ultimate Affordable Beast? Please keep in mind that there’s no way to keep this list consistently up to date. However during a recent podcast, SCE’s President Shuhei Yoshida came forward with an explanation in which he revealed why Sony priced the games the way they did.. This is another one that has doubled in price between January and July of 2020. This is another one that has doubled in price between January and July of 2020. By the way, big thanks to xsuicidesn0wmanx for the awesome cover image! This one snuck in from nowhere to be Pricecharting’s fastest-rising PS2 game. I’ve done my best, though. 15,000 In India (November 2020), Wireless Charging Explained: The Science Behind This Amazing Technology | Elemental Ep 13, Do It With Style: Philips SenseIQ Hair Straightener. Besides the natural market process, Playstation collectors like us are going to continue moving to PS3 ans PS2 games continue to get prohibitively expensive, causing prices to rise even faster. Those games have been expensive since way before the pandemic, and that’s not really what this post is about. © Copyright Red Pixels Ventures Limited 2020. That means it’s the best time to shift our attention away from the lost cause of PS2 collecting, and start building up that collection of Playstation 3 games. 499. Either game currently goes for a few hundred dollars or even a few thousand dollars for sealed copies. come back down to earth after the pandemic, you’ll definitely want to grab a copy. ? Don’t believe me? The bad news is that the PS2 games listed did not come cheap. The survival horror genre seems to be doing quite well for itself. Playstation 2 collecting has become quite a thing lately, and shows no sign of stopping. And if they do, it isn’t much. Which aligns perfectly with all those 10-year-old gamers finally getting real jobs and grown-up money, and seeking to collect all the games their parents wouldn’t buy for them. If there isn’t much demand, they could lower the price to make it more accessible, but for now Sony seems to think that it is justified – do you guys agree? It’s still rising, so you’ll have to check eBay for current pricing. Besides the pandemic, the generation of gamers that grew up with PS2 are adults now, just like the last console generation, they’re earning grown-up money, having kids, and ready to replay their childhood favorites and share them with their own kids. If you’re thinking about starting to collect Playstation 3 games, you’ll definitely want to keep that in mind. Def Jam: Fight for New York is a cult classic that didn’t sell particularly well when it was released. For current prices, check out this eBay link to see recently sold copies. But with demand rising, the price has spiked from about $60 in January 2020, to about double that in July. Disc-based systems are far more likely to break down, too. (Look at eBay, as usual for current prices.). If you want to see how much the games have actually sold for, turn on the filter for Show Only > Sold Items. Although a steady supply is debatable considering that Sony dropped support for the PS2 in India a couple of years ago. If my data and assumptions bear out, that mean Playstation 3 games are at their lowest average prices right now. Xbox One X Long-Term Review — Should You Buy One Now? For the latest videos on gadgets and tech, subscribe to our YouTube channel. ), "We are also able to add Trophies; some people really care about Trophies," Yoshida said. Quite a few, actually. Steven is a professional marketing writer, author, and hopelessly ghetto gamer. Half-Life 2: The Orange Box, Left 4 Dead, More Have Been Enhanced for Xbox One X, Microsoft Explains Why the Xbox One X Has a Performance Mode for Xbox 360 and Original Xbox Games, When You Think About It, the Xbox One Has the Greatest Exclusive of This Generation, Xbox One Sales Up 15 Percent Year on Year: Microsoft. Even though more “units” of games were being sold, online digital sales took a big bite out of the number of physical copies that were actually manufactured. The price of PS2 games is exploding before our very eyes, and if you want some of these games, you’d better get them now before they get any more expensive. All rights reserved. . inside the console seem particularly susceptible to aging and failing. Almost definitely. Back to the point. So it takes us time and cost. Recently though, Silent Hill 3 has more than doubled since January 2020 and was selling for around $150 USD on eBay in July 2020. The visuals of Silent Hill 2 were jaw-dropping for the time, and many Nintendo fans were ready to come to Sony in search of more grown-up games. This arcade classic has always been fairly hard to find. The Sony Playstation 2 is one of the best-selling consoles of all time, with one of the biggest games catalogs ever.So it’s no wonder retro gamers are scrambling to collect PS2 games in 2020, when so many bored gamers are quarantined at home.