its not great for resolving smaller dso's. by Tom Fowler. All Rights Reserved. The Bresser Clip-On Smartphone Lenses make desire on photographing with the smartphone or Tablet PC. I'm using the ES AR127 on an Orion SkyView Pro mount and it's a great combination. Astronomy and science equipment for all skill levels and applications including professional telescopes and child friendly telescopes. Aperture: 127mm (5.0 inches) I've pushed this with a nice 3mm eyepiece that I have and although the views seem better (sharper with a 4mm at 206x, the image is acceptable with the 3mm on a perfectly clear night. It is going to serve me well. my main use of this scope is for wide field viewing and low to mid power use. Your wishlist has been temporarily saved. The best suprise for me though is being able to observe a fair number of deep sky objects with the AR 127 at very high power (206X and picking out and drawing a lot of detail from the crisp images served up. I have used this scope on about 15 occasions over 4 months and it was everything I was looking for. Other deep sky objects have been very pleasing to observe in this scope. I have been particularly impressed with the sharpness while viewing star clusters and double stars. © 2020 Explore Scientific LLC. I use a variety of different brands of eyepieces (Orion, Celestron, Meade, TMB Planetary and they all serve up very sharp images with this scope. Sign up for OPT news, exclusive offers, and updates on the latest gear! Bresser Clip-On 150° Super Wide-Angle Smartphone Lens, Bresser Clip-On 238° Super Fisheye Smartphone Lens, The Award Winning Astrophysicist Behind the STARMUS Festival, Dr. Garik Israelian Joins Us on "Explore Now", How to Choose and Eyepieces for Any Telescope. This is a premium astrophotography refractor telescope! The two-speed focuser was a nice upgrade from my other refractor and it also comes with a very nice 2 star diagonal with 1.25 adapter (every bit as good as the 2 star diagonal I had purchased separately for my other scope. The Explore Scientific 127mm f/7.5 ED APO Refractor Telescope is one of the most innovative ideas in high-quality apochromatic designs. I got this telescope as an upgrade from a nice 4 achro I had (now at my daughters' school. I chose it after earlier purchasing an Explore ED80 APO, which greatly impressed me. Specifications: Explore Scientific 127ED Apochromatic Refractor. I would highly recommend this scope and would definitely consider buying other products from Explore Scientific. We will be glad to help. It really serves up nice images of lunar detail with false color only being discernible to me when I'm looking at the rim of the moon. Explore Alliance Members are invited to share their best astrophotography photos, View our growing collection of Weather Stations and Alarm Clocks. This telescope was an upgrade from a Celestron 102, which was a nice refractor as well. Even better is the sturdy storage/carry case that comes with it - which makes it easy for transport and storing. Join our mailing list to get the latest deals and more. On second thought it is so minor of an issue since any number of solutions exist in my tool bag. The Explore Scientific AR127 Air-Spaced Doublet is a classic air-spaced, crown-and-flint, doublet achromatic refractor, reborn with the aim to produce superior-class optical figure in … Having decent eyepieces helps too, I'm sure, but even the cheaper eyepieces I have are great to use with this scope. Pimp your smartphone! The only issue with my particular telescope is that it came with a focuser that was loosey-goosey, tending to slide out when the scope was pointed close to Zenith and with Ultima and Hyperion eyepieces in it (boy these things are the size of small coke cans!!. FirstLight packages include all you need for a night under the stars, Save 35% on Select Shasta Ridge Binoculars. I am quite happy with the purchase. - 866-252-3811, iEXOS-100 PMC-Eight GoTo Equatorial Tracker Mount, iEXOS-100 HD PMC-Eight GoTo Equatorial Tracker Mount System, Losmandy G-11 PMC-Eight GoTo Equatorial Mount, Directory of Astrophotography Ambassadors, Explore Alliance Astrophotography Contest. Still not sure what is the right gear for you? EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC ED APO 127MM OTA EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC ED APO 127MM F/7.5 FCD 100 Series Air Spaced Triplet: 165000 + 18% GST [ click to enlarge] ... the serene structure of Saturn’s rings or the brightest deep sky treasures of the Messier catalog with this 127mm True Apochromatic Refractor from Explore Scientific’s FCD100 Series.