The active ingredients in antiperspirants usually include aluminum-based compounds that temporarily block sweat pores. Some people wish to reduce their sweating, since armpit sweat can sometimes soak through clothing. Antiperspirants and deodorants work in different ways to reduce body odor. Tear trough fillers may be an option if you’re looking to reduce the deep creases under your eyes. An astringent substance applied to the skin to reduce perspiration. Deodorants also commonly contain perfume to mask odor. Sometimes medical testing is necessary. 1. Your sweat itself doesn’t have a strong odor. Definition of Antiperspirant. Then you wash the product off when you get up, taking care to not get any in your eyes. Only a tiny amount of aluminum is absorbed (0.0012 percent) based on research on antiperspirants containing aluminum chlorohydrate. BT - Taber's Medical Dictionary (''countable or uncountable'') a substance used to minimize sweating or perspiration and the associated odor, usually applied to the underarm area ¹. ER -, Access up-to-date medical information for less than $1 a week. After 30 days, you will automatically be upgraded to a 1-year subscription at a discounted rate of $29.95, Please Sign in with your Taber’s Online account, Type your tag names separated by a space and hit enter. Butt sweat happens to everyone at some point. However, studies also recommend that further research is needed to study the potential link between breast cancer and antiperspirants. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 1. Deodorants are formulated to eliminate armpit odor but not perspiration. Sweat is a cooling mechanism that helps us shed excess heat. § 350.3 - Definition. (''countable or uncountable'') a substance used to minimize sweating or perspiration and the associated odor, usually applied to the underarm area ¹, 1. Find 65,000 medical and nursing definitions. There are a lot of ways to smell good all day, from wearing freshly laundered clothes to moisturizing with scented products. Explore these free sample topics: There's more to see -- the rest of this entry is available only to subscribers. Toxicological Profile for Aluminum (Update) (2001)"... residues in foods, cooking utensils, food and beverage packaging, antacid 1. If over-the-counter (OTC) antiperspirants are unable to control your sweating, prescription antiperspirants are available. DB - Taber's Online The sweat from your apocrine glands — located in the armpits, groin, and the nipple area — is high in protein, which is easy for bacteria to break down. 1. Subpart B - Active Ingredients § 350.10 - Antiperspirant active ingredients. DP - Unbound Medicine The aluminum-based compounds in antiperspirants — their active ingredients — keep sweat from getting to the surface of the skin by blocking the sweat glands. Synonym: antihidrotic, antihydriotic, antisudorific. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers deodorants to be cosmetic: a product intended to cleanse or beautify. It's usually applied to the affected skin before you go to bed. Noun. Antiperspirants reduce sweat, and deodorants increase skin acidity, which odor-causing bacteria don’t like. Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary Online + App from F.A. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Personal cleanliness products, like soaps and shower gels, are intended to clean the body. T1 - antiperspirant (Ed.). Keep reading to learn more about the differences between these two forms of odor control, and whether one is better for you than the other. Antiperspirants reduce sweat, and deodorants increase skin acidity. Blocking sweat pores reduces the amount of perspiration that reaches your skin. To view the entire topic, please sign in or purchase a subscription. Antiperspirants and deodorants work in different ways to reduce body odor. It’s the bacteria on your skin breaking down sweat that produce an odor. When applied, they turn your skin acidic, which makes it less attractive to bacteria. The procedure involves injecting hyaluronic acid…, Buccal fat removal is a procedure that removes the buccal fat pads in your cheeks. ET - 23 ¹ Source: ID - 729714 Select Try/Buy and follow instructions to begin your free 30-day trial, © 2000–2020 Unbound Medicine, Inc. All rights reserved, TY - ELEC It's done to create a slimmer face. Your doctor may prescribe an antiperspirant with aluminum chloride (Drysol, Xerac Ac). Noun. Paraben-free beauty products are ones free of certain chemicals that act as preservatives.