I asked a staff member who quite unhelpfully said it's probably being discontinued, so I called customer services to be told the same, they don't have stock and they don't know when or if it gets back in stock. Everyone’s a winner.’ Aldi hot cloth cleanser. My skin is okay, I guess? Having used 'click and collect' for 4 weeks now, and having been patient with payment glitches ( for 3 weeks they took the payment as well as 'holding' the prepayment for 5 days after I have collected my shopping, meaning I have been unable to access that money), today Aldi lost my business. Terrible tracking and delivery process, do not trust Aldi with high ticket items. Every students best friend: concealer – something that we seem to go through faster than ready-meals. When asked if I could contact them direct I was told that Aldi only has one telephone for the whole of the company. No news. Is it worth it? No news again. Can you imagine driving into someone, paying for the damage and then driving into them again and saying 'sorry paid up last time I made a mistake so not going to do it this timeExact same shop order into Asda online came in £7 more expensive and they'll deliver for £3, unlike click and collect and £5. I contacted Customer Service and they are about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Deal with it.They probably work their staff pretty hard to make sure they get every penny of value out of their (quite generous) wages. One of the best Aldi beauty products! A spa-treatment in a pot, with seaweed extracts, sea salts and blends of clay can extract those impurities and rejuvenate our tired, student-stress skin. All opinions are my own. Having shopped at Waitrose for the past 10+ years, you really notice how much more you are paying for everyday items, the quality at Aldi is very high too. Worth every penny of the £4:99 charge. AVOID, Well just delivered to new Aldi RDC at Sawtry.Asked for the Drivers toilets, was told at the gate house, 300 mts away.So if you had a medical problem and was desperate don't think you'd make it.Aldi the slave drivers they make you tip your own load and have no driver facilities near the unloading bays.For a brand new set up,well done Aldi for not thinking about the hundreds of drivers who deliver to you however many miles they have driven to be treated, yet again, as 2nd class citizens. Aldi customer service is zero. Abysmal customer service. You can manage the use of these cookies in your browser. I'm made to feel like a liar because they have (a) a useless delivery service, and (b) an even worse customer service function. Dupe for: Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, £15.50, Boots To many skincare experts and beauty advisors, eye cream is the most important product to ensure our skin remains as plump and youthful as possible. When i kicked off with the Father of a family for them not wearing masks, I was banned from returning to that store. The only place I could skip queue being pregnant with twins was Lidl, I will forever be grateful. Again I asked to be kept up to date if it's back or discontinued completely. auid: "540955235" © 2020 Trustpilot A/S. Terrible customer services on many occasions! That’s all the refund is £35. They don't seem to care to regulate this issue. You'll be among the first to hear about our latest products and offers, like our award-winning wines and amazing Specialbuys. If I was to add everything here together, the Aldi products come to £23.57 when the Tesco products come to £35.38, a huge saving of £11.81. My shopping bill was a little shy of £120, Aldi currently have all of it but are holding £120 also.I explained the issue. Only to be told again to wait until Monday because it would take 72 hours for a manager to speak to me. This is one of the best Aldi beauty products we have found so far! I have twin babies and rely on this brand for their exclusive feeding, so it was extremely stressful to find empty shelves with no prior warning. Especially when the majority of anti wrinkle serums on the market start at around £30. Submit. A cream that can be left on over night to heal and repair skin, leaving it moisturised and youthful is a miracle! Aldi's Barissimo line of coffee gets rave reviews for its balance of strength and flavor, all at budget-friendly prices. Aldi’s Lacura has provided us with a set of two day cream and night cream to help us look somewhat alive and as though we haven’t spent all night either partying or revising. Now I didn't ask for a GoG, she raised the issue, because frankly its not good enough but to suggest that because, historically they've put something right, then they don't have to do it again when they make another mistake. After over two weeks of countless emails and phone calls and not receiving anything I was finally given a refund. *This is a sponsored post. This year we have bought many items from the Ashfield range which have been off before the sell by date all smelling rotten but the last item which was today was a joint of pork we opened to roast for Sunday lunch , it was rotten so I called customer service and they gave me a product code and told me this could be refunded so I went to the blaby store and they said I could not get a refund as I did not take back the packaging but I could not of done this as it was covered in rotten meat fluids . I ordered their "Special Buy" PC last week on the note that it would be delivered in 3-5 working days. These savings come from somewhere. Cashiers in dire need of customer service training. As these summer days and heat-wave bank hols have come around faster than we can say ‘I need a tan’, we realise just how our winter skin isn’t looking to pretty, nor summer ready! If you're a fan of Aldi's Lacura skincare range, then you'll be pleased to hear that the sell-out line is back on sale in stores and online. slot_id: "540955235_INSERT_SLOT_ID_HERE", While you're here, why not take a look at our latest picks from the best of the best. Ruined our family Sunday together to say the least but will be returning to Asda from now on!!!!!!!!!!! Parking rules are the same for everybody, no one is above the law, not even Aldi shoppers in a private parking. One week later, I called back customer service, same story, no one knew when the item would be back. Be the first to hear about Specialbuys, great competitions, news and offers from Aldi Photo service. It is highly upsetting at peak times to see lots of cars parked on double yellow lines and even red lines, blocking everyone else's access and creating chaos. Bear in mind; they feed a lot of hard-up families for a lot less than the other supermarkets. Check out dire first thing a waste of time going early. Aldi Customer Service is a appalling.Just been on to Aldi Customer Service what a complete JOKE !!! All rights reserved. Living the lux spa-going life is something we all desire… but our shallow pockets say otherwise. Slashing the cash on makeup can be something we don’t like to part with, but we sometimes find necessary. This 2 in 1 foundation and concealer pot is great for travel, throwing in … Always rushing you at the till. ... You'll be among the first to hear about our latest products and offers, like our award-winning wines and amazing Specialbuys. All the dates are more than 3 days except bread etc All the shopping was packed accordingly fresh, frozen, toiletries etc.Kelly packed all the bags into the car too, so no lifting needed. For most people this is their go-to, ride or die beauty product that saves us from those darkest of circle days. Using common knowledge I told the guy on the phone I wanted to raise the complaint now because on Monday it would be another 72 hours before I would receive a response from management.