There are various webinar tools provider such as WebEx, gomeetnow, R-HUB web conferencing servers, gotomeeting etc. There are five basic tools of integrated marketing communication: 1. However, companies that are running low on budget or comp… Following are the best 18 marketing communication tools to reinforce your brand message and promote sales: Advertising. Most companies use a combination of these various tools. The main driving force behind this tool is mass media such as television, radio, digital campaigns, print campaigns, etc. This is one of the biggest communication tools that marketing teams have. This method can efficiently reach a large number of consumers, although the costs may be somewhat expensive. This is one of most prominent and widely used communication tools in a marketing campaign. It can be in both paid and unpaid forms. More often than not, advertising makes use of ‘above the line (ATL)’ media campaigns because of the kind of reach it has. to select from. The sales and marketing teams must interact via other mean or reasons of communication tools for marketing techniques such as emails (email marketing), phone, data exchange, etc; however, the organization must hold an annual or a half-yearly meet for both the teams coming down together for a couple of days. There are many different types of communication marketing tools, including advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct mail and even sponsorship. Webinars are effective marketing tools because it gives high sales potential to business, builds two way communication trusts etc. The greatest advantage of this mode is that it can be paid and unpaid, both. Advertising: This tool can get your messages to large audiences efficiently through such avenues as radio, TV, Magazines, Newspapers (ROP), Internet, Billboards and other mobile technological communication devices.