About SADI4U Software

The CEO has 25 years’ programming experience, from the old DOS days until now, and even more in business procedures. With all this knowledge in store, and avoiding unnecessary and time-consuming processes, affordable software programs are developed. Advanced programming languages have been used for the development of the existing, user-friendly programs.


Increased Productivity

It is very unfortunate that far too many companies are not using the full potential of programming, mainly due to extreme development costs.

SADI4U has developed an easy-to-use bookkeeping software package that improves accuracy and increases productivity in the workplace.


Easy to use and understand

Many years’ experience in system structures enable us to develop user friendly programs that require limited user training.

We believe that a program must work for you, and not you for the program. Our software does much work in the background to keep processes simple for the user to reduce human errors.

If you or your employees can complete the work faster, it increases company productivity, saving time and saving you money.

Analysing business data from the past enables you to make more informed decisions for the future. And for this purpose, we develop reports and transfer data to spread sheets for the user to play around with. Program data cannot be updated from spread sheets – the master data is safely protected and remains unchanged.


Maximise the use of Database structures

The foundation of any good program is the initial definition of a proper database structure. We take the time in the beginning stages of software development to ensure the correct structuring of databases. This limits the possibility that your database will crash and that your programs become clumsy and slow. It is also much easier to change a well-designed database structure, and future upgrades to your software will be much faster and affordable.

Our experience with different generations of databases allows us to use a variety of database structures in a single program to suit your specific needs and budget.


Data security

Databases are secured to maintain the integrity of data and prevent unauthorised changes to formulas defined in the programs.


Professional Support

We encourage users to participate in the forum on the SADI4U website to help us improve our programs and services.

We offer after sales support of the program for both the front- and back-end of the program. Costs are discussed under the Services page.


Reduce your overheads

Although good administration is important, you will benefit tremendously in terms of less time spent on administration if you use the SADI4U software, so you and your staff can spend less time on admin and more time on activities directly making money for your business.

Staff do not need specific skills to operate the SADI4U software. You can significantly reduce your staff salary budget by employing less people, because the user- friendly software streamlines workflow and increases productivity.


Proper business analysis

The best management decisions can be made by analysing data-history, as far as possible. For this you need access to all data, such that it can be manipulated as required. SADI4U’s databases’ structures ensure that all data is retained and can be used for business analysing purposes.