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Custom Software Development Company

SADI4U has a revolutionary approach to develop affordable customized programs. We use advanced programming languages to easily and quickly develop any customized programs in record breaking time.

Our CEO has 25 Years’ programming experience, even more in business procedures. He can assist you with practical development solutions, no program is too big or small.



Customized Programming

  • Programs developed according to your specific needs.
  • No project is too big or too small.
  • We develop in all the major databases according to your requirements. It is not always necessary to use the expensive ones. With proper structuring, one can go very far with free databases, that we can supply you with.
  • Get rid of unnecessary and time-consuming processes.
  • Use procedures that work better for you and your staff.
  • Far too many people work with spread sheets to save costs. With our revolutionary approach, costs can be immensely reduced.

Extremely affordable

Customized programming prices are usually exorbitant. We used to work at the same rate, but we have developed a method to cut developing time considerably by:

  • Using a combination of certain languages
  • Using Wizards to assist with development
  • Changing certain coding that has been developed over a long period of time.

Increased Productivity

It is very unfortunate that far too many companies are not using the full potential of programming, mainly due to extreme development costs. Alternatives to customized programs pose many disadvantages and, using these, tend to present many negative results. We have developed a method to overcome high development costs and offer our clients customized software that ensures accuracy and improves productivity.

Advantages of using our programs:


Very user friendly

  • We have many years’ experience in the structuring systems, resulting in user friendly programs that require limited training for users.
  • he program must work for you, and not you for the program. Much work is done in the background to keep it simple for the user and reduce human errors.
  • If you or your employees can complete the work faster, it increases company productivity, saving you a lot of money.
  • It is important to also use the older data for business analyzing purposes, enabling you to make informed decisions for the future. And for this purpose, reports can be developed, or data can be transferred to spread sheets for the user to play around with. No data can be updated from spread sheets and, if something goes wrong here, the master data is safely protected and unchanged.

Importance of Database structures

  • Defining of proper database structures is the foundation of any program. Without this, the user is going to run into enormous problems at some point in time.
  • The new, fast databases enable some programmers to take shortcuts by not putting enough effort into this important section. Although we utilize these databases as well, we have the experience of the older ones and always stick to the correct structuring. This will ensure that your database will not crash, or that your programs will not become clumsy and slow.
  • We can use a variety of database structures in a single program to suit your needs, including your budget.

Please be assured that we will always take extreme care with database structures before developing any program. It is much easier to change a well-designed database structure, and future developments will be much easier and less expensive.


Professional Support

  • After-sales support is extremely important to us and we do not supply any programs without supporting them properly. This excludes the programs we offer as freeware, although such users can register for support at a minimal cost, should it be required.
  • We support both the front end and the back end of our programs as both are equally important.
  • We provide a support system, free of charge, with all our programs to ensure proper control of support rendered.
  • In addition, we supply a module, also free of charge, where users can recommend changes or improvements. These recommendations are stored in a database and will be discuss with management for possible future improvements.

Eliminate errors

  • No open databases, which could result in corrupting the data.
  • No one can change formulas defined in the programs.
  • Users can not change sorting orders. This is sometimes a major source of mistakes as only selected columns will be sorted in spread sheets.

Reduce your overheads

  • Although good admin is extremely important, you will benefit tremendously if you and your staff spend less time on admin and more time on making money for the company.
  • You do not need to employ people with specific skills (such as Pastel), or you could employ less people and significantly reduce your staff salary budget.

Proper business analysis

  • The best management decisions can be made by analyzing data-history of everything, as far as possible.
  • For this you need access to all data, such that it can be manipulated as required.
  • The cost-effective way we work ensures that you retain all data for business analyzing purposes

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