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There are many people who are looking for work. To be successful, you need to make the best impression possible. First impressions make a major difference. Doing it right will improve your changes tremendously.
Not many people realise that Recruiters spent less than 10 seconds before the through out CV’s. The CV should be compiled in a manner that keeps their attention.
We make a CV template available to assist you to compile your CV correctly.
There are complete instructions, in our manual, as how to compile your CV in this manner.

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In order for recruiters to find you easier, we have developed a search facility that is much môre accurate than the normal CV searches.
It is, therefore, important to complete the database properly.

Job Hunting Manual
There are so few jobs available that you need to do everything correct to stand a better change and get the edge.
We supply you with job hunting tips in order to assist you to go about it correctly.

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CV Templates
Your Cv MUST be in the correct format. It is very important that the person, who work with your CV, pick up the information he/ she is looking for easy and quickly.

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