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Southern African Development Initiative 4 U

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SADI4U is setting up structures for you to provide input on everything in a democratic and orderly manner, by means of forums and surveys on the SADI4U website.

We will obtain the services of professional experts to work out and negotiate sustainable solutions on all levels, using sound and honest business principals. South Africans cannot afford anymore mistakes at this point; We need the best!

To make it sustainable, it is important for everyone to be properly compensated and we are formulating structures that would incorporate you in a venture to earn sustainable compensation. Details will be discussed on the website.

SADI4U has now been registered as a company that will be legally and professionally managed. The vision is to re-invest profits to the benefit of the country, business, communities and individuals. Until currently, SADI4U was a private initiative to assist people in obtaining employment. The initiative was not funded, and therefore not sustainable.

This initiative will operate across all racial, religious, language and cultural boundaries, to benefit all its members. Society might have different aspirations in arenas such as the political and cultural arenas, but it might be wise to currently keep it in the background. People’s mutual, immediate requirements are to live a safe, happy and prosperous life and these should be dealt with as a priority. Once this has been achieved, society would be in a more favourable position to discuss and negotiate specific racial, cultural and group aspirations.

Upliftment should be dealt with on various levels, and it is critical to evaluate and address the situation of the poorest people. We are deliberating strategies to sustainably fund existing or new projects that would enable people to start earning an income to support themselves.

Please complete our initial survey while we are structuring the website further by adding new ideas, forums and surveys.

Some immediate suggestions to generate income are to:
  • define member-benefits and introduce paying membership levels that would enable individuals to earn a commission for as long as you and your recruits remain members
  • sell advertising space on the website; Enough activity on the website would be needed to make it sustainable
  • sponsorship from established companies that realise the importance of a sound economy
  • obtain donations to implement new projects or support existing projects to generate income and create jobs
  • obtain donations, special prices and investments from Institutions, with financial interest in an improved economy in South Africa
Unfortunately, the governing bodies and many companies do not accept advice. We will create structures to enable appointed experts to negotiate from a position of strength, without all the negativity, hate speech and disruption that is destroying the economy, to benefit all concerned.

Suggestions for benefits could be the following (Remember that we will still have free membership and that the list below is up for discussion.):

More benefits will be implemented as SADI4U grows, but these are what we could try to offer, with the assistance of people in the communities:
  • Add your information to the SADI4U website database for recruiters to find you
  • Handy guidelines regarding job hunting
  • Reserve your vote for the next election
  • Become involved in forums
  • Complete surveys to make your voice count
  • Exposure to other opportunities in your community
  • Support and welfare assistance if there are established welfare organisations in the community
  • Access to certain business and other information
  • The opportunity to get involved in spin-off businesses from SADI4U
  • Access to financial information to enable you to deal more efficiently with your budget
  • Access to saving tips
  • Access to support groups
  • Affordable access to certain medical care
  • New feeding schemes or support of existing schemes in the communities
  • Become involved with groups in communities to address specific issues in individual communities
  • Access to tips on other money-earning opportunities
  • Earn good commission from SADI4U
  • Negotiate substantial discounts with companies for members of SADI4U
  • Address poor management decisions made by directors of companies that eventually result in bad economic performance and job losses
  • Encourage good relationships between management and staff to improve productivity
  • Stop employee abuse of institutions and companies in the business sector
  • Proper advertising control to reduce spam emails and annoying telesales calls
BENEFITS TO BUSINESS MEMBERS While we are negotiating with experts to present us with more ideas, we can start offering you the following benefits:
  • Listing on our website database
  • Proper description of businesses
  • Listing of all their services and/or products
  • Listing of specials
  • Facilities to upload images
  • Displaying all relevant information and images on an individual page for each business
  • Direct advertising and notifications of specials to the communities, with their consent
  • The opportunity to work in conjunction with other businesses
  • Feedback from, and other communication with customer
  • Become part of an Entrepreneurs Development Forum with the potential of establishing local branches
  • Access to expert knowledge and ideas regarding business practices
  • A search facility to locate all businesses on an equal basis and not only those who pay extra for their companies to be located
  • More exposure and soliciting better contacts
Due to current limitations on our staff compliment, we are currently unable to communicate with you individually and we request that you participate on the forums for the time being, until further notice.

We have also downgraded the recruitment section for the time being, as there is nothing significant happening currently. As soon as traffic in this section improves, we will inform you. Recruitment is and will be a very high priority.