Unite to Succeed!!

Southern African Development Initiative 4 U

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Why Join SADI4U

Summary of Benefits

It is crucial that all South Africans must collaborate with- and contribute to an initiative that would enable us to take control of our lives and our country’s economy to build a better future for ourselves and future generations! More reasons and benefits include:
  1. All members of SADI4U can:
    • Earn a sustainable income on a commission-basis by recruiting more members for SADI4U (refer to the Commission and Bonusses video)
    • Earn bonus points for actively participating on the website; SADI4U will continuously identify possibilities to convert bonus points into compensation such as prizes, vouchers or discounts. (refer to the Commission and Bonusses video)
    • Job-hunt; Register your CV on the SADI4U-database for businesses and recruiters to search, Free job-hunting advice, a CV template and tips pertaining to its preparation are available on the website (refer to the Job-Hunting video)
    • Benefit from training information offered (some training information will be available to all)
    • Consent to receiving controlled, relevant advertisements to keep you abreast of matters in the marketplace, service and product quality of businesses, and discounts offered
    • Assist with spam-control
    • Search the database for services; this facility is available even to non-members.
    • Get involved with local small businesses and enjoy the benefits (refer to the Community involvement in small businesses video and Benefits Community involvement with adverts video)
  2. Businesses (refer to the Entrepreneur Development Forum video)
  3. Some of the many benefits offered to small businesses include:
    • A very affordable membership-fee
    • A searchable database of small businesses listed in areas, so if people need specific service providers or specific products in their area, this is the site to use
    • Business promotion and advertising in compliance with the POPI Act
    • Recruitment for small businesses, with access to a searchable job seekers candidate database, available to businesses and recruiters
    • Practical information and tips available for the entrepreneur/small businesses
    • SADI4U-software to effortlessly, but professionally streamline your business administration
    • Community involvement (refer to the Community involvement in small businesses video and Benefits_Community involvement with adverts video)
  4. Recruiters (refer to the Recruiters video for detailed information)
  5. Some benefits offered to recruiters include:
    • A very affordable membership-fee
    • A SADI4U recruitment programme and other software that saves you time and money
    • A comprehensive candidate-database search facility
    • An opportunity to earn extra income by recruiting paying-members for SADI4U, to supplement your income until the economy improves
  6. The SADI4U website is interactive, offering discussion forums, allowing members to comment, provide tips, offer advice, confidentially and directly complain to, or compliment businesses. This is only the beginning – the website will develop and improve as we receive relevant, helpful input from people.
The Introduction video explains the broader concept of SADI4U, so please take some time to watch it. Please join our effort to uplift each other, as well as the South African economy. Unite to succeed